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Details of Dr. Filip A.M.J. Volckaert   


Gender male
Job title Professor
Department Biology ,Laboratory of Biodiversity and Evolutionary Genomics
Univ. of Leuven, Department of Biology Ch. Deberiotstraat 32
Tel +3216323972
Fax +3216324575
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Website http://bio.kuleuven.be/eeb/lbeg
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Degree PhD
Job type Teaching/Education
Research Area(s) Fisheries, Aquaculture , Fisheries, Aquaculture
Research Activities Aquaculture Conservation Genetics Evolutionary Biology Fisheries Biology Population genomics Ichthyology Marine Ecology Parasitology Traceability

Spanish, German, Italian
Research Region 36
Working languages Dutch, English, French
Skills/Expertise Evolutionary biology, connectivity and traceability of marine organisms (fishes and their parasites), including fisheries, aquaculture and conservation biology
PUBLICATIONS (as reported by Dr. Filip VOLCKAERT)

Diopere E., Hellemans B., Volckaert F.A.M., Maes G.E. (2013) Identification and validation of single nucleotide polymorphisms in growth- and maturation-related candidate genes in sole (Solea solea L.). Marine Genomics 9: 33-38
Maes G.E., Raeymaekers J.A.M., Hellemans B., Geeraerts C., Parmentier K., De Temmerman L., Volckaert F.A.M., Belpaire C. (2013) Gene transcription reflects poor health status of resident European eel chronically exposed to environmental pollutants. Aquatic Toxicology 126: 242-255.
118. Nielsen E.E., Cariani A. Mac Aoidh E., Maes G.E., Milano I., Ogden R., Taylor M., Hemmer-Hansen J., Babbucci M., Bargelloni L., Bekkevold D., Diopere E., Grenfell L., Helyar S., Limborg M.T., Martinsohn J.T., McEwing R., Panitz F., Patarnello T., Tinti F., Van Houdt J.K.J., Volckaert F.A.M. Waples R.S., FishPopTrace consortium, Carvalho G.R., (2012) Gene-associated markers provide tools for tackling IUU fishing and false eco-certification. Nature Communications 3:851
Volckaert F.A.M. (2012) (Flat)fish stocks in an ecosystem and evolutionary perspective. Journal of Sea Research 75: 19-32
Cuveliers E.L., Larmuseau M.H.D., Hellemans B., Verherstraeten S.L.N.A., Volckaert F.A.M., Maes G.E. (2012). Multi-marker estimate of genetic connectivity of sole (Solea solea) in the North-East Atlantic Ocean .Marine Biology. 159: 1239-1253

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