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Details of Dr. Fabian J. Tapia   


Gender male
Job title Associate Professor
Department Oceanography
Casilla 160-C, Concepcion, Chile
Regions Black Sea
Tel +56-41-2207284
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Website http://copas.udec.cl/eng/copas/personal/cv_personal.php?getby=id&value=30
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Degree Ph.D.
Job type Research
Research Area(s) Biological Oceanography, Marine Ecology , Biological Oceanography, Marine Ecology
Research Activities My research is at the interface between biological oceanography and coastal ecology. I focus on the role of mesoscale and small-scale physical as drivers of spatial-temporal patterns of larval settlement and population renewal in coastal species of benthic invertebrates. In addition to this field-oriented aspect of my work, I am involved in the analysis, modeling, and synthesis of oceanographic time series data collected over the past 7 years by the COPAS Center (UdeC) at a station located 20 nm off the coast of Concepcion.
Research Region Eastern South Pacific
Working languages Spanish, English
Skills/Expertise Coastal ecology Planktonic-benthic coupling Fjord oceanography
PUBLICATIONS (as reported by Dr. Fabian TAPIA)

Meerhoff, E., L. R. Castro, and F. Tapia. 2013. Influence of freshwater discharges and tides on the abundance and distribution of larval and juvenile Munida gregaria in the Baker river estuary, Chilean Patagonia. Continental Shelf Research 61-62:1?11.
González, H. E., L. R. Castro, G. Daneri, J. L. Iriarte, N. Silva, F. J. Tapia, E. Teca, and C. A. Vargas. 2013. Land-ocean gradient in haline stratification and its effects on plankton dynamics and trophic carbon fluxes in Chilean Patagonian fjords (47° - 50°S). Progress in Oceanography 56.
Iriarte, J. L., C. A. Vargas, F. J. Tapia, R. Bermúdez, and R. E. Urrutia. 2012. Primary production and plankton carbon biomass in a river-influenced upwelling area off Concepción, Chile. Progress In Oceanography 92-95:97?109.
Núñez-Acuña, G., F. J. Tapia, P. A. Haye, and C. Gallardo-Escárate. 2012. Gene expression analysis in Mytilus chilensis populations reveals local patterns associated with ocean environmental conditions. Journal of Experimental Marine Biology and Ecology 420-421:56?64.
Daneri, G., L. Lizárraga, P. Montero, H. E. González, and F. J. Tapia. 2012. Wind forcing and short-term variability of phytoplankton and heterotrophic bacterioplankton in the coastal zone of the Concepción upwelling system (Central Chile). Progress In Oceanography 92-95:92?96.
Montero, P., G. Daneri, H. E. González, J. L. Iriarte, F. J. Tapia, L. Lizárraga, N. Sanchez, and O. Pizarro. 2011. Seasonal variability of primary production in a fjord ecosystem of the Chilean Patagonia: Implications for the transfer of carbon within pelagic food webs. Continental Shelf Research 31:202?215.
Tapia, F. J., C. DiBacco, J. N. Jarrett, and J. Pineda. 2010. Vertical distribution of barnacle larvae at a fixed nearshore station in southern California: Stage-specific and diel patterns. Estuarine, Coastal and Shelf Science 86:265?270.
Tapia, F. J., and S. A. Navarrete. 2010. Spatial patterns of barnacle settlement in central Chile: Persistence at daily to inter-annual scales relative to the spatial signature of physical variability. Journal of Experimental Marine Biology and Ecology 392:151?159.
Tapia, F. J., S. A. Navarrete, M. I. Castillo, B. A. Menge, J. C. Castilla, J. L. Largier, E. A. Wieters, B. R. Broitman, and J. A. Barth. 2009. Thermal indices of upwelling effects on inner-shelf habitats. Progress in Oceanography 83:278?287.
Tapia, F., and J. Pineda [2007] Stage-specific distribution of barnacle larvae in nearshore waters: potential for limited dispersal and high mortality rates. Marine Ecology Progress Series 342:177-190.
Lagos, N.A., F.J. Tapia, S.A. Navarrete, and J.C. Castilla [2007] Spatial synchrony in the recruitment of intertidal invertebrates along the coast of central Chile. Marine Ecology Progress Series 350:29-39.
Ladah, L.B., F.J. Tapia, J. Pineda, and M. López [2005] Spatially heterogeneous, synchronous settlement of Chthamalus spp. larvae in Northern Baja California. Marine Ecology Progress Series 302:177-185.
Tapia, F.J., J. Pineda, F.J. Ocampo-Torres, H.L. Fuchs, P.E. Parnell, P. Montero, and S. Ramos [2004] High-frequency observations of wind-forced onshore transport at a coastal site in Baja California. Continental Shelf Research 24:1573-1585.

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