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Details of Dr. Alexander Nikolaevich Korshenko   


Gender male
Job title Head of Marine Pollution Monitoring Laboratory
State Oceanographic Institute 6 Kropotkinsky Lane
Regions Bristol Channel
Nationality Russian Federation
Tel +7 499 246 55 87
Fax +7 499 246 72 88
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Website http://www.oceanography.ru
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Degree PhD
Job type Research , Data Management
Research Area(s) Pollution , Pollution
Research Activities As a Head of Marine Pollution Monitoring Laboratory A.Korshenko prepare the Assessments and Annual Report on Marine Water Pollution of Russian Seas described the marine environmental status and pollution based on the data of state monitoring system, international and national expedition and research programs. MPM Lab. combine the monitoring data into several datasets on marine chemistry, biology and pollution; provide the data and analytical reports for the International Commissions on protections of the Caspian, Black and Baltic Seas; take a leading role in several national and international projects on Marine Pollution.

International and national Projects and monitoring Programmes
Research Region Caspian Sea, Azov and Black Seas, Baltic Sea, Arctic Seas, Fare East Seas
Skills/Expertise Marine pollution, monitoring, general ecology, zooplankton
Comments Data collection and analysis of spatial and temporal variations of oceanological parameters including zooplankton and pollution
PUBLICATIONS (as reported by Dr. Alexander KORSHENKO)

Oil spill accident in the Kerch Strait in November 2007. Edited by Alexander Korshenko, Yuriy Ilyin, Violeta Velikova. Black Sea Commission Publications 2011, Moscow, Publishing House ?Nauka?, 288 p.
Korshenko A. The State of Total Petroleum Hydrocarbons (TPHs). ? State of the Environment of the Black Sea (2001-2006/7). Chapter 3. The state of chemical pollution., 2008, Istanbul, Turkey, 113-129 p. Korshenko A., Gul A.G. Pollution of the Caspian Sea. ? Hdb. Env. Chem. Vol. 5, Part P, Springer-Verlag, 2005, 109-142. Behrends G., G.Breuel, A.Korshenko. Distribution pattern of mesozooplankton species during PEX?86. - ICES Coop.Res.Rep., 1994, N 201, P.15-22. Behrends G., A.Korshenko, M.Viitasalo. Morphological aberrations in females of the genus Acartia (Copepoda, Calanoida) in the Baltic Sea. - Crustaceana, 1997, vol.70, N5, P.595-607.

Group(s): IODE
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