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Details of Dr Karl Norling   


Gender male
Job title Researcher
Department Department of Biological & Environmental Sciences
University of Gothenburg ( BIOENV)
Carl Skottbergs gata 22b Gothenburg 40530
University of Gothenburg Carl Skottbergs gata 22b
Tel +46730628811
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Website http://www.gu.se
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Degree PhD
Job type Teaching/Education , Research , Technical Advice & Consulting
Research Area(s) Biological Oceanography, Marine Ecology , Biological Oceanography, Marine Ecology
Research Activities Project leader and researcher within both European (EU-funded) research projects MARBEF, WISER, ECO2, national (NRC-funded) PEIOFF, PEIOFF-FAME, INTERACT and ECORAIS research projects.
Research Region 186
Working languages English & Scandinavian
Skills/Expertise Benthic macroinvertebrates Biogeochemistry in coastal waters and sediments
PUBLICATIONS (as reported by Dr Karl NORLING)

Hess S., Alve E., Trannum H.C. Norling K. 2013. Benthic foraminiferal responses to water-based drill cuttings and natural sediment burial: Results from a mesocosm experiment. Marine Micropaleontology 101: 1?9.
Trannum H.C., Nilsson H.C., Schaanning M.T., Norling K. 2011. Biological and biogeochemical effects of organic matter and drilling discharges in two sediment communities. Marine Ecology Progress Series 442:23-36
Trannum H.C., Setvik Å., Norling K., Nilsson H.C. 2011. Rapid macrofaunal colonization of water-based drill cuttings on different sediments. Marine Pollution Bulletin 62: 2145-2156.
Angel Borja, Enrico Barbone, Alberto Basset, Gunhild Borgersen, Marijana Brkljacic, Michael Elliott, Joxe Mikel Garmendia, Joao Carlos Marques, Krysia Mazik, Iñigo Muxika, Joao Magalhaes Neto, Karl Norling, J. Germán Rodríguez, Ilaria Rosati, Brage Rygg, Heliana Teixeira, Antoaneta Trayanova 2011. Response of single benthic metrics and multimetric methods to anthropogenic pressure gradients, in five distinct European coastal and transitional ecosystems. Marine Pollution Bulletin 62: 499-513
Oug, E., Cochrane, S.K.J., Sundet, J.H., Norling, K., Nilsson, H.C. 2011. Effects of the invasive red king crab (Paralithodes camtschaticus) on soft-bottom fauna in Varangerfjorden, northern Norway Marine Biodiversity , 41:467-47
Glover A. G,. Higgs N. D., Rosenberg R., Norling K., Carlsson R., Wallin K. A., Last K. S., Källström B., Dahlgren T. G.. 2010. Whale-cam: the first live video observatory at an in-situ whale-fall. 4th International Symposium on Chemosynthesis-Based Ecosystems (4th CBE). Okinawa June 28 - July 3 2009. Cahiers de Biologie Marine 51:4, 375-381.
Lindqvist S., K. Norling, and S. Hulth. 2009. Biogeochemistry in highly reduced mussel farm sediments during macrofaunal recolonization by Amphiura filiformis and Nephtys sp. Marine Environmental Research 68:136-145
Norling K., R. Rosenberg, S. Hulth, A. Grémare & E. Bonsdorff. 2007. The importance of functional biodiversity and species specific traits of benthic fauna for ecosystem functions in marine sediments. Marine Ecology Progress Series 332:11-23.
Rosenberg R., E. Davey, J. Gunnarsson, K. Norling, M. Frank. 2007. Application of computer-aided tomography to visualize and quantify sediment structures. Marine Ecology Progress Series 331:23-34.
Mermillod-Blondin F., R. Rosenberg, F. Francois-Carcaillet, K. Norling, and L. Mauclaire. 2004. Influence of bioturbation by three benthic infaunal species on microbial communities and biogeochemical processes in marine sediment. Aquatic Microbial Ecology 36:271-284.
Solan M., B. D. Wigham, I. R. Hudson, R. Kennedy, C. H. Coulon, K. Norling, H. C. Nilsson, and R. Rosenberg. 2004. In situ quantification of bioturbation using time-lapse fluorescent sediment profile imaging (f-SPI), luminophore tracers and model simulation. Marine Ecology Progress Series 271:1-12.
Rosenberg R., S. Agrenius, B. Hellman, H. C. Nilsson, and K. Norling. 2002. Recovery of marine benthic habitats and fauna in a Swedish fjord following improved oxygen conditions. Marine Ecology Progress Series 234:43-53.
Mora C., Wei C-L., Rollo A., Amaro A., Baco A.R., Billett D., Bopp L, Qi Chen Q., Mark Collie M, Danovaro R, Gooday A.J., Grupe B.M., Halloran P.R., Ingels J., Daniel O. B. Jones D.O.B., Levin L.A. Nakano H, Norling K., Ramirez-Llodra E., Rex M., Ruhl H.A., Smith C.R., Sweetman A.K., Thurber A.R., Jerry F. Tjiputra J.F., Usseglio P., Watling L., WuT., Yasuhara M. 2013. Biotic and Human Vulnerability to Projected Changes in Ocean Biogeochemistry over the 21st Century. PLoS Biol 11(10): e1001682. doi:10.1371/journal.pbio.1001682

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