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Details of Dr. Jean M. Jaubert   


Gender male
Job title Prof.
Parc Coromandel (Emeraude B) 18 avenue Gravier 06100 Nice
Tel +33493524549
Fax +33493524549
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PUBLICATIONS (as reported by Dr. Jean JAUBERT)

Jaubert, J. 2008. Biogeochemical processes and water homeostasis in an ecologically purified captive marine ecosystem: facts and hypotheses. Proceedings of the 7th International Aquarium Congress (IAC 2008) Shanghai (China) 19–24 October 2008.
Muscatine, L., Goiran, C., Land, L., Jaubert, J., Cuif, J.-P. and Allemand, D. 2005. Stable isotopes (∂13C and ∂15N) of organic matrix from coral skeleton. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences USA 102: 1525-1530.
Jaubert,J.M., Chisholm, J.R.M., Minghelli-Roman, A.,Marchioretti, M., Morrow, J.H., and Ripley, H. 2003. Re-evaluation of the extent of Caulerpa taxifolia development in the northern Mediterranean using airborne spectrographic sensing. Marine Ecology Progress Series 263: 75-82.

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