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Details of Ms Kseniia Skuratova   


Gender female
Job title Scientist
Department Laboratory of Marine Information Systems
National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, O. O. Kovalevsky Institute of Biology of the Southern Seas 2 Nahimov Av.
Regions Sea of Marmara
Bristol Channel
Tel +380500582683
Fax +380692544110
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Website http://nodc.ibss.org.ua
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Degree MSci
Job type Data Management , Information Management & Library
Research Area(s) Biological Oceanography, Marine Ecology , Biological Oceanography, Marine Ecology
Research Activities Data digitizing and quality control. Web sites development.
Research Region 5
Working languages Russian, English, Ukrainian
Skills/Expertise Data management, information systems
PUBLICATIONS (as reported by Ms Kseniia SKURATOVA)

Sergeyeva O., Gorbunov V., Bilogurova Iu., Skuratova K., Slipetskyy D.[2011] National oceanographic data center.//Pontus Euxinus 2011, Sevastopol 24-27 May 2011, 212-213.
Skuratova K., Sergeyeva O., Gorbunov V.[2011] New approach to marine species check-lists compilation: Black sea experience.//Pontus Euxinus 2011, Sevastopol 24-27 May 2011, 222-223.
Veselovskaya L., Skuratova K., Slipetskyy D., Sergeyeva O.[2011] IBSS NAS of Ukraine e-repository - open access to the results of the marine ecosystems studies.//Pontus Euxinus 2011, Sevastopol 24-27 May 2011, 57-59.
Oleksandra Sergeyeva, Vladimir Vladimirov, Denys Slipetskyy, Kseniia Skuratova, Iuliia Bilogurova, Vladimir Gorbunov [2010]. Establishing best practice for the digitization, documentation and dissemination of historical marine biological data at IBSS, Published in: Book of abstracts, International conference on marine data and information systems IMDIS-2010, 71-72.

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