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Details of  Erik Franckx   


Gender male
Job title Research Professor, Vice-Dean
Department Department of International and European Law
Vrije Universiteit Brussel ( VUB)
Pleinlaan 2 Brussels 1050
Faculty of Law and Criminology Vrije Universiteit Brussel Pleinlaan 2
Tel +32 2 6292606
Fax +32 2 6291259
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Website http://www.vub.ac.be/IERE/efranen.html
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Degree PhD
Job type Teaching/Education , Research
Research Area(s) Policy, Law, Economics, Management , Policy, Law, Economics, Management
Research Activities Legal consultacy in the area of the law of fisheries, maritime delimitation or general law of the sea issues
Research Region Arctic, Baltic Sea, South China Sea,
Skills/Expertise Legal advice to governements, GO's and NGO's
PUBLICATIONS (as reported by Erik FRANCKX)

Noyes, J., Franckx, E. and Juras, K. [2014] Cases and Materials on the Law of the Sea (2nd ed.) Brill, The Hague, 998
Juras, K., Noyes, J. and Franckx, E. [2010] Law of the Sea in a Nutshell (2nd ed.) West Publishing Company, St. Paul, Minnesota, 613

Group(s): IOC , ABE-LOS
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