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Details of Dr Jonathan Alan Taylor   


Gender male
Job title Operations Manager - Oceanography
Department Coastal Operations Group
Titan Environmental Surveys Ltd ( Titan)
Penybont WWTW Ogmore by Sea Bridgend CF32 OQP
91 Olive Avenue Leigh on Sea Essex
Regions Sea of Marmara
Tel +44 1702 555439
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Website http://www.titansurveys.com/.com
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Degree Bsc PhD
Job type Operational Support (technical)
Research Area(s) Physical Oceanography , Physical Oceanography
Research Activities Research in Application of Marine Acoustics for Measurement of Sediment Transport Marine Geographical Information Systems Coastal Physical Oceanography
Working languages English French
Skills/Expertise Marine Instrumentation (Acoustic) Marine Data Management Coastal Physical Oceanography
PUBLICATIONS (as reported by Dr Jonathan TAYLOR)

K. L. Spencer, S. L. James, J. A. Taylor & T. Kearton-Gee (2007) Sorption of lanthanum onto clay minerals: a potential tracer for fine sediment transport in the coastal marine environment? In Balson, P. S. & Collins, M. B. 2007. Coastal and Shelf Sediment Transport. Geological Society of London, Special Publications, 274, 17–24. 0305-8719/07.
R. Verney J.-C. Brun-Cottan, R. Lafite, J. Deloffre, and J. A. Taylor (2006) Tidally-induced Shear Stress Variability above Intertidal Mudflats in the Macrotidal Seine Estuary. Estuaries and Coasts Vol. 29, No. 4, p. 653–664 August 2006
Cundy A.B., Hopkinson L., Lafite R., Spencer K., Taylor J.A., Ouddane B., Heppell C.M., Carey P.J., Charman R., Shell D. and Ullyott S. (2005) Heavy metal distribution and accumulation in two Spartina sp.-dominated macrotidal salt marshes from the Seine estuary (France) and the Medway estuary (U.K.). Applied Geochemistry 20 (2005) 1195-1208.
Dolphin T, Taylor J, Vincent C, Bacon J, Pan S, & O’Conner B (2004) Storm-scale effects of shore parallel breakwaters on beaches in a tidal setting (LEACOAST) Proc 29th ASCE Coastal Engineering Conference, Conf 29; Vol 3, pages 2849-2861 .
Thorne P D and Taylor J A (2000) Acoustic measurements of boundary layer flow and sediment flux. J Acoust. Soc. Am. 108(4) 1568-1581
Taylor J.A, et al (2000) TRIDISMA - Three Dimensional Sediment Transport Measurements By Acoustics. Proceedings of the Fifth European Conference on Underwater Acoustics, Lyon, France, ECUA 2000 Edited by P. Chevret and M.E. Zakharia
Taylor J, Vincent C and Rees J (1998) A “Sound” Basis for Quantifying Sediment Movement: Measurements of Sediment Transport using High Frequency Acoustics Dredging and Port Construction Volume XXIV (IX) pp13-14.
Taylor J.A. (1998) Three-Dimensional Sediment Transport Measurements by Acoustics (Tridisma). Proceedings of the 3rd European Marine Science and Technology Conference Volume III pp1156-1170
Taylor J.A. et al (1998) Three-Dimensional Sediment Transport Measurements by Acoustics (Tridisma) Proceedings of IEEE Oceans 98 Conference and Exhibition 28/09/98-01/10/98 Nice Paper Number OC266
Collins M.B., Shimwell S.J., Gao S., Powell H.J., Hewitson C. and Taylor J.A. (1995) Water and sediment movement in the vicinity of linear sand banks: the Norfolk Banks, southern North Sea Marine Geology 123 125-142
Cundy A.B., Lafite R., Taylor J.A., Hopkinson L., Deloffre J., Charman R., Gilpin M., Spencer K., Carey P.J., Heppell C.M., Tuckett A., Ouddane B. and De Wever S. Sediment transfer and accumulation in two contrasting saltmarsh/mudflat systems: the Seine estuary (France) and the Medway estuary (UK). Hydrobiologia, submitted.

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