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Details of Dr. Ramiz Mahmud Mammadov   


Job title Professor
Department Centre for Caspian Sea Problems
31, H.Javid, Baku
Regions Bristol Channel
Tel 9941245382900
Fax 994125396966
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Website http://igaz.az, http://science.gov.az
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Degree PhD
Job type Research
Research Area(s) Physical Oceanography , Physical Oceanography
Research Activities The team leader Prof. R.M. Mamedov is Chief of the Commission for the Caspian Sea Problems of the Azerbaijan Academy of Sciences. Main areas of specialization are ecology-geographical problems of the Caspian Sea. Caspian Sea level problems and coastal zone management. Research the process of desertification in the coastal zone. Study and modeling transport of oil pollution. Physical oceanography: marine turbulence, experimental and theoretical investigation of turbulence diffusion on the Caspian Sea.. Study of structure of current velocity, temperature, salinity field and exchange processes in the Caspian Sea and their affects pollution transport.He is recognized for their expertise in physical oceanography of the Caspian Sea and coastal zone management. Prof. Mamedov in 2001 was a contractor and co-director of the Copernicus-2 Programme “CASPSCIENCE-NET PROJECT” (ICA2-1999-10006); Co-Director of the CRDF Cooperative grants programme “Physical and geographical model of the transgressional diffusion of pollutants in different hydrometeorological conditions on the Caspian Sea (Award N228)”; Contractor of the project “Initial National Communication on Climate Change in the Azerbaijan Republic” (project of GEF/UNDP, 1998-2000, UNFCCC, BONN (2001)). Since 2004 he is a director on the Azerbaijan side of the project “Altimetry study of the Caspian Sea level variations” (along with LEGOS team) in the framework of the French ECOnet programme. At present, Prof. Mamedov is Partner Country Director of NATO Project “Multi-disciplinary Analysis of the Caspian Sea Ecosystem” (2004-2007). Since 2000, he is also a President of the Council of the Caucasus Regional Ecological Center founded by the European Union.

Russian, Azeribaijani, English
Research Region Caspian Sea
Working languages Russian, Azeribaijani
Skills/Expertise LANGUAGES SKILLS Azeri, Turkish - Mother tongue Spoken: Russian, English Written: Russian English OTHER SKILLS Computer literacy: Windows98, MS-Office, Turbo Cu, ENVI, ERDAS, Arc View, Internet Explorer.

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