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Details of Prof. Dr. Miquel Planas   


Gender male
Job title Research Scientist
Department Biology and Physiology of Marine Fish Larvae
Tel +34-986231930
Fax +34-989292762
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Website http://www.iim.csic.es/
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Degree PhD
Job type Research
Research Activities Larval rearing of marine fish larvae (flat fishes): feeding and nutrition, energetics, nutritional requirements, probiotics.
PUBLICATIONS (as reported by Prof. Dr. Miquel PLANAS)

WELTZIEN, F.-A.; PLANAS, M.; FYHN, H.J. [1999] A review of temperature dependency of developmental progress in poikiloterms with a special reference to turbot (Scophthalmus maximus L.) eggs and larvae. Journal of Experimental Biologoly and Ecology (in press)
PLANAS, M; CUNHA, I. [1999] Simple techniques for labelling prey and gut content analysis in short term feeding experiments with fish larvae. Aquat. Living Resour., Vol 12, No. 2, pp 145-149.
PLANAS, M.; CUNHA, I. [1999] Larviculture of marine fish: Problems and perspectives. Aquaculture, Vol 177, pp 171-190.
CUNHA, I.; PLANAS, M. [1999] Optimal prey size for cultured early turbot (Scophthalmus maximus L.) larvae based on mouth and ingested prey size. Aquaculture, Vol 175, pp 103-110.
WELTZIEN, F.-A.; PLANAS, M.; CUNHA, I.; EVJEN, M.S.; FYHN, H.J. [1999] Free amino acid and protein contents of start-feeding larvae of turbot (Scophthalmus maximus L.) at three temperatures. Mar. Biol., Vol 133, pp 327-336.

Group(s): GLODIR
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