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Details of  Adib Ali SAAD   


Gender male
Job title Director
Department Marine Sciences Laboratory-Fac.Agriculture
Tishreen University P.O. Box:1408
Regions Mediterranean Sea - Western Basin
Nationality Syrian Arab Republic
Tel +963-41-412957(office), +963933477752 (Mobil)
Fax +963-41-416401
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Website http://arabscientist.orgpage 50 eng, http://seaturtlesinsyria.org, http://www.tishreen.edu.sy
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Degree PhD
Job type Research
Research Activities Marine environment, marine biodiversity, fish biology, marine protected areas, coastal managment

بيئة بحرية، تنوع بيولوجي بحري، بيولوجيا أسماك، محميات بحرية، إدارة الشواطئ
Research Region 2, 3
Skills/Expertise Biological Oceanogrphy and Fisheries
PUBLICATIONS (as reported by Adib SAAD)

ALI, M.; SAAD, A.; BEN AMOR, M. and CAPAPE, C.. First records of the honeycomb stingray Himantura uarnak coast (Eastern Mediterranean). Zool. Middle East, 2010 49: 104-106. ALI, M.; SAAD, A.; REYNAUD, C. and CAPAPE C. Occurrence of basking shark, Cetorhinus maximus(Cetorhinidae) off the Syrian coast (eastern Mediterranean) with first description of egg case. Acta Ichthyol. Piscat., 2012. 335-339 ALI, M.; SAAD, A.; REYNAUD, C. and Capape, C.. First records of the round fantail stingray, Taeniura grabata(Chondrichthyes: Dasyatidae), off the Syrian coast (eastern Mediterranean). Zool. Middle East, 2013a 59: 176-178 ALI, M.; SAAD, A.; REYNAUD, C. and CAPAPE, C.. First records of Randall?s threadfin bream Nemipterus randalli (Osteichthyes: Nemipteridae) off the Syrian coast (eastern Mediterranean). J. Ichthyol., 2013b 54(10): 786-789. ALI, M .; SAAD, A SOLIMAN, A. Expansion Confirmation of the Indo-Pacific Catfish, Plotosus lineatus (Thunberg, 1787), (Siluriformes: Plotosidae) into Syrian Marine Waters. American Journal of Biology and Life Sciences. 2015 Vol. 3, No. 1, , pp. 7-11 SABOUR, W.; SAAD, A. and JAWAD, L,. first record of the yellowspotted puffer torquigener flavimaculosus hardy and randall, 1983 (Osteichthys: tetraodontidae) from the mediterranean sea coasts of syria. Thalassia Sal., 2014.36: 29? 34. S0LIMAN, A.; ALI, M.; SAAD, A.; RENAUD, C. and CAPAPE, C. First records of sideburn wrasse Pteragogus pelycus(Osteichthyes: Labridae) off the Syrian coast (eastern Mediterranean). J. Ann. Ser. Hist. Nat., 2014. 24(1): 23-28. Adib Saad (1) and Waad Sabour (2)Gaby Khalaf(3), Milad Fakhri (3).2015.NEGATIVE IMPACT OF INVASIVE INDO- PACIFIC BLUESPOTTED CORNET FISH ON THE BIODIVERSITY AND NATIVES FISH STOCKS IN THE SYRIAN AND LEBANESE MARINE WATERS (EASTERN MEDITERRANEAN).American Journal of Innovative reserch and applied sciences.1(2)123-127.
SAAD A., 20001. Reproductive cycle and fecundity of Upeneus moluccensis (Mullidae), Indo-pacific species, in Syria sea waters. Lebanese Science Journal, Vol.2, No1:59-67. SAAD A., ; SABOUR W. 2001. données prèliminaire sur la reproduction de Siganus revulatus (Forskal, 1777), pisces, Siganidae), dans les eaux côtieres de Syrie. Rapp.Comm.Int.mer.Medit.36:319. ALI Abdel-latif; SAAD Adib; 2002. Fish fauna in Khatouniya Lake. (Alhasaka Governorate, North East of Syria). Bassel al-Assad Journal For Engineering Sciences.no. 16:59-90. Ali Malek and SAAD Adib. 2003. Sharks and Rays in Syrian Sae waters. al-Assad Journal For Engineering Sciences.no. 17:45-76 39-SAAD A., SERET B., Ali M., 2004. Liste commentée des Chondrichthyens de Syrie ( Méditerranée orientale ) .. Rapp.Comm.int.Mer.Medit., VOL.37.430 LAKKIS S., SAAD A., SABOUR W.. ZEIDAN R. 2004. .Cycle sexuel et périodes de ponte chez deux espèces de poissons exotique : Siganus luridus (Forsskal) et S : revulatus (Ruppell) (Siganidae) dans les eaux côtières Syro- Libanaise (Bassin Levantin). Rapp.Comm.int.Mer.Medit.,vol 37: 383. SAAD A. 2004. Signalement pour la première fois d'une Baleine de la Famille Baleinoptiridae échouée sur la c?te Syrienne ( Méditerranée orientale) . Rapp.Comm.int.Mer.Medit.37 : 429 REES, A.F., SAAD, A. & JONY, M. 2004 . First record of a leatherback turtle in Syria. Marine Turtle Newsletter 106, 13. REES, A.F., SAAD, A. & JONY, M. 2005. Tagging green turtles (Chelonia mydas) and loggerhead turtles (Caretta caretta) in Syria. Testudo (6),2:51-55 Hammoud V., SAAD A, &Malek Akda, 2005. Heavy metals concentration . in different tissues of fish Diplodus sargus in the Syrian coast; Basel alaSAAD Journal for engineering sciences, 21: 27-42 SABOUR W., Lakkis S. & Adib SAAD, 2005. Stock assessment of fish Siganidae from Syrian coastal waters (East Mediterranean Levantine basin). Proc. Of the int. Workshop on
Ayhan Dede1,2*, Adib Saad3, Milad Fakhri4, Bayram Öztük,2012?,2. Cetacean sightings in the Eastern Mediterranean Sea during the cruise in summer 2008. J. Black Sea/Mediterranean Environment Vol. 18, No. 1: 49-57 SAAD Adib , 2012. Importance of Lattakia Beach(Syria) as nesting area for marine turtles: results of seven years of field survey. Scholarly Journal of Agricultural Science Vol2 (6),pp 108-1010 Aylin Ulman, Adib Saad , Sarah Harper, Dirk Zeller, 2013. RECONSTRUCTION OF CATCHES FROM FISHERIES IN SYRIAN MARINE WATERS DURING (1950-2010), Canadian journal of Fisheries, (in press) Malek Ali, Adib Saad, Christian Reynaud, Christian Capape, 2013. First records of round fantail stingray Taeniura grabata (Chondrichthyes: Dasyatidae) off the Syrian coast (eastern Mediterranean),Journal of zoology in the Middle East (in press

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