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Details of Dr Michael Robert Hall   


Gender male
Job title Principal Research Scientist
Department Aquaculture
Australian Institute of Marine Science, Townsville ( AIMS)
PMB No. 3 Townsville MC 4810
PMB No. 3, Townsville Mail Centre,
Tel 61 07 47534308
Fax 61 07 47725852
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Website http://www.aims.gov.au
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Research Activities Principal research scientist at AIMS in the Sustainable Use of Marine Biodiversity Program and leads Tropical Aquaculture research in economically important crustacea. He has previously held research positions at the Max-Planck Institute (Germany) and University of Bristol (UK), specifically in understanding physiological and endocrinological processes that occur on a circadian and seasonal basis before joining AIMS.
Skills/Expertise Aquaculture Understanding the relationship between stress and health The role of microbes in larval rearing systems The development of generic hatchery production systems The development of larval feeds for the production of high quality and health larvae.
PUBLICATIONS (as reported by Dr Michael HALL)

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