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Details of Dr Veerappan Narayanasamy   


Gender male
Job title Professor
Department Centre of Advanced study in Marine Biology,Annmalai University,Parangipettai-608 502
Annamalai University, Faculty of Marine Science ( ENVIS CAS)
Centre of Advanced Study in Marine Biology Parangipettai 608 502
Tel +914144228262
Fax +914144243555
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Degree M.Sc.,Ph.D.B.Ed.,
Job type Teaching/Education
Research Area(s) Fisheries, Aquaculture , Fisheries, Aquaculture
Research Activities LIST OF RESEARCH PUBLICATIONS S.NO Title of Paper Author&Co- authors Name & No. of the Journal & pages Year 1 Shell size variation, shell injuries, shell thickness and habitat characteristics of Littorina scabra (Linne, 1758) among three populations ……………… Veerappan, N. Proceedings of Salem Institute of Experimental Biology Memoir, No.2., 1984 (Edited by V. Krishnamurthy) (49-54) 1984 2 Studies on morphology of the penial structure and radulae of winkles, Nodilittorina quadricincta quadricincta (Megarle, 1924) and Littorina pyramidalis pyramidalis (Quoy and Gaimard, 1833) from Tranquebar, Tamil Nadu Veerappan, N. J. Anim. Morphol. And Physiol., 35(1):77-82. 1988 3 Records of two cercariae Heterophyes sp. And Haplorchis sp. From the snail Melanoides tuberculata (Muller) from Tamil Nadu Veerappan, N. & H.N. Achuthan Rec. Zool. Surv. India, 91(3-4):319-323 1992 4 Three new species of cercariae from snail, Indoplanorbis exustus (Deshayes) in Tamil Nadu Veerappan, N. & H.N. Achuthan Rec. Zool. Surv. India, 91(3-4):324-325. 1992 5 Maturation and spawning biology of Amblygaster sirm from Parangipettai, southeast coast of India Veerappan, N., M.Ramanathan & V.Ramaiyan J. mar. ela. Ass. India 39(1&2) :89-96 1997 6 Report on some ectoparasitic isopods from the marine fish, Amblygaster sirm Veerappan, N. & M. Ramanathan J. Environ. Biol., 18(4):351-356 1997 7 What is killing the coral reefs of the World? Veerappan, N. Seshaiyana, 5(1):5-7 1997 8 The post earth summit (UNCED) Scenario Perumal, P. & N. Veerappan Seshaiyana, 5(1):32-33 1997 9 Distribution and infestation Of isopod parasites from marine food fishes of Parangipettai south east coast of India Veerappan,N. Perumal, P & S. Ravichandran In Proc.Fourth Indian Fisheries Forum 24-28Nov.1996 Kochi Published in 1999:323-325 1999 10 Seasonal variations in heavy metal (Fe, Zn, Cu and Mn) concentration in the Scylla tranquebarica from the elar estuary(south east coast of India). Veerappan,N. & K.Pmanikandan In : The Proceedings of the International seminar on’Applied hydrogeochemistry, Annamalainagar in 1999. 204-209 11 Effect of isopod parasite Joryma brachysoma on Ilisha melastoma from Parangipettai coastal waters (south east coast of India). Ravichandran, A.J.A.Ranjitsingh,N.Veerappan and T.Kannupandi Ecol. Env.&Cons., 5(2).1999 95-101 12 Epipenaeon ingens Nobili Parasitising on penaeid prawn from the Parangipettai coastal environment, south east coast of India Ravichandran,S and N.Veerappan Proc.Nat.Seminar on ICZM 1999 201-205 13 Taming the ‘horses’ in Tanks? Gokulakannan,K and N.Veerappan Seshaiyana 7(1) 1999 2-3 14 Parasitic fauna in mangrove ecosystems. Veerappan,N In: Kathiresan,K (Ed.) 2000. Flora and fauna in mangrove ecosystems: A manual for identification (Sponsered by All India coordinated Project on coastal and Marine Biodiversity)-Annamalai Unversity 388pp. 330-341 15 Disease diagnosis in fish: Development of Techniques Veerappan,N In:Proc. UNU International workshop on methodologies for assessment of Marine Biodiversity.2000 224-232 16 Identification of parasitic isopods and other parasites from fin fishes and shellfishes. Veerappan,N In:Proc.Pract. manual of UNU International workshop on Marine Biodiversity.2000 165-176 17 Monograph on ‘Isopod parasites from marine fishes of Parangipettai coast Veerappan,N and S.Ravichandran. Published under the sponsorship of UGC- SAP in CAS in Marine Biology Annamalai University, 2000 24p with 9 Figs and III plates 18 Aquaculture vis-à-vis Agriculture Khan,S.A.,P.Lyla,N.Veerappan and S.Rajagopal In:Naga,The ICLARM Quarterly 23(3)July-Sep.2000 10-12 19 Parasite induced vibriosis in Chirocentrus dorab off Parangipettai coastal waters Ravichandran,S A.J.A Ranjitsingh and N.Veerappan Curr.Sci.,80(5): 2001 622-623 20 Phytoplankton diversity and primary productivity of Paravanar estuary, Cuddalore coast (southeast coast of India). Gandhiappan,K N.Veerappan and P.Perumal Seaweed Res.Utiln.,23(1&2) 2002 149-155. 21 Manual on Identification of marine fish parasites: Isopods and Acanthocephalans Veerappan.N Published under the sponsorship of MOEN&F Biodiversity programme,2002 39p with V plates 22 Cercariae of Trematodes from Vellar, Pitchavaram and Coleroon regions Thirunavukkarasu,N and N.Veerappan J.Aqua. Biol 19 (2) 2004 111-112 23 Isopod parasite induced incidence of vibriosis in fishes , Ilisha melastoma and Amblygaster sirm N.Veerappan and R.Surumbarkuzali J.Aqua.Biol.20(2) Dec.2005 228-230 24 Effect of isopod parasite, cymothoa indica on pearl spot, Etroplus suratensis (bloch) from Parangipettai coastal waters(southeast coast of India …..and N.Veerappan J.Curr.Sci., 9(1):63-70 2006 25 Parasite diphyllobothrium sp., infected in Lizard fish, Saurida tumbil (Bloch) collected from Parangipettaiadjacent coastal waters, east coast of India S.Sudhakar, K.Balaji,P.Raja, G.Thirumaran and N.Veerappan Environ. (4):1211-1212 2006 26 Parasitic trematodes occurrence in Terapon jarbua, a marine fish from Chennai coast,TamilNadu Veerappan,N.andI.Rajila J.Aqua.Biol.,22(2):1-5 2007 27. The studies on Haematological Parameters and enzymes of wild and farmed fish labeo rohita(Ham). ------and N.Veerappan J.Aquatic Biol 23(2):96-100 2008 28. Studies of water-borne disease vector-cercarial fauna in gastropods of Tamilnadu and Pondicherry N.Veerappan and A.Selvamathi J.Aquatic Biol 23(2):218-221 2008 29 Effect of isopod parasite, cymothoa indica on pearl spot, Etroplus suratensis (bloch) from Parangipettai coastal waters(southeast coast of India M.Rajkumar P.Perumal, P.Santhanam and N.Veerappan Environmental sceience: Appreciation and perception 223-331pages 2008 30 Sound production behavior in a marine croaker fish, Kathala axillaris (Cuvier). Veerappan,N , Pandi.V and T. Balasubramanian. World Journal of Fish and marine science,1(3):206-211 2009 31. Distribution and Abundance of Finfish Larvae along Bay of Bengal (South East Coast of India).. Azhagar. S., T. Anbalagan and N. Veerappan. Current Research Journal of Biological Sciences.,1(1): 14-17. 2009 32. Length-Weight Relationship and Condition Factor of Soldierfish Myripristis murdjan from Cuddalore Coast, South East Coast of India. Anbalagan. T., P. Vijayanand and N.Veerappan, Current Research Journal of Biological Sciences 1(1): 18-20 2009 33 Nematode parasites from Sciaenid fishes of Parangipettai,Southeast coast of India S.Sudhakar,T.Anbalagan, N.Veerappan, P.Soundrapandian,and R.Arumugam. Current Research Journal of Biological Sciences 1(2): 6-10 2009 34. Survey on Sound Producing Marine Fishes and Ichthyoplankters Parangipettai Coastal Waters, Southeast Coast of India. N.Veerappan, T. Anbalagan and T. Balasubramanian American-Eurasian J. Agric. & Environ. Sci., 6 (1): 35-40, 2009 2009 35. Survey on Sound Producing Marine Fishes and Ichthyoplankters Parangipettai Coastal Waters, Southeast Coast of India Veerappan. N. T..Anbalagan and T. Balasubramanian 1. World Journal of Fish and Marine Sciences,1(3): 154-159. 2009 36.Antibacterial Potential of Six Seaweeds R.Lavanya and Advances in Biological Research Collected from Gulf of Mannar of N.Veerappan 5(1):38-44 2011 Southeast Coast of India 37.Heavy matal concentrations in three P.Vijayakumar Journal of Experimental commercial fish species in cuddalore R.Lavanya, Sciences2(8):20-23 coast Tamilnadu, India N.Veerappan and T.Balasubramanian
Research Region 48, 71
Working languages Tamil,English
Skills/Expertise Fishery science, fish bio-acoustics and fish parasitology
PUBLICATIONS (as reported by Dr Veerappan NARAYANASAMY)

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