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Details of Prof. Mohamed Ahmed Said   


Gender male
Job title Professor of Physical Oceanography
Department Physical Oceanography
Kayet Bay – Al Anfoushy
Regions Mediterranean Sea - Western Basin
Nationality Egypt
Tel +201223779117
Fax +2034801553
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Degree PhD
Job type Research
Research Area(s) Physical Oceanography , Physical Oceanography
Research Activities A- Projects 1- Team member of the project "Fisheries investigations of the Sardine and Other Pelagic Fish along the Egyptian Mediterranean coast from Rashid to El Sallum " 2- Team member of The Regional Activity Centre for MED VI, following IOC during the period from 1977 to 1980. 3- Team member in a project for studying the pollution along the Egyptian Mediterranean coast, through the American research grant given to Egypt in 1980. 4- Team member of the project "Base line marine environmental studies on East Zeit Area ", 1986. 5- A principal investigator in the project for studying the coastal transport of pollutant along Alexandria coasts. 6- Team member in a project for studying the water circulation in the Eastern Mediterranean, through the American research grant given to Egypt in 1988. 7- Team member of the project "Current system survey at exploratory drilling site Hurgada, Red Sea ". 1991. 8- Team member of the project "Development of defence mechanisms against blooms of Jelly Fish in coastal recreational areas ". 9- Team member of the project "Topography, Tides and Physico chemical characteristics of the Egyptian Mediterranean shelf waters off Sinai ". 10- Part-chief of the project "Environmental impact Assessment of industrial development in Suez Bay Area ", JICA, 1993. 11- Team member of the project "Warda development environment studies", 1993. 12- Team member of the Land-3 project for "Protection of coastal Marine Environment in the Southern Mediterranean Sea", Erice (Italy), 1993-1995. 13- Principal Investigator of the project "Searching for new sources of energy", NIOF 2005-2006. 14- Principal Investigator of the project "Study of the circulation of the surface waters of the Egyptian Mediterranean Coast using drifters" NIOF since January 2006. 15- Team member of the French-Egyptian EGYPT-1 Project (Eddies and Gyres Path Track) since April 2006. 16- Team member of the Italian-Egyptian EGITTO Project (The study of water circulation in the South-eastern Mediterranean using remotely-sensed surface drifters in 2006/2007). B- Training Courses and Scientific missions 1- Participating in a training course for the current measurements organised in Trieste (Italy) during 1-15 May 1979. 2- Participating in a training course in the Marine Pollution organised by Odessa University, Odessa (USSR) during September - October 1988. 3- Participating in a training programme for applying the three dimensional numerical Princeton Ocean Model (POM) to study the water circulation in the Mediterranean Sea in Erice (Italy) during the period November 1993-March 1994. 4- Participating in a training programme for applying an Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) model to Abu Qir Bay area in Erice (Italy) during the period March- May 1995. 5- Scientific mission for six months (Nov. 2001 - May 2002) in Sant Petersburg (Russia) to set up a numerical model for computing the water circulation in the Red Sea. C- Expeditions 1- Participating in an expedition carried out in the Adriatic Sea on the Italian RV Bannock during 16-31 May 1979. 2- Participating the expedition carried out in the south-eastern Mediterranean off the Egyptian coasts on Russian RV Academic Lavrentiev during 20-27 December 1988. 3- Participating in the expedition on the German RV Poseidon335 during the period 7-27 April 2006 in the framework of EGYPT-1 Project. C- Conferences, Workshops and Meetings 1- XXXI Congress -Plenary Assembly (CIESM), Athens (Greece) 17-22 October, 1988. 2- Fifth ordinary meeting on oceanographic processes of transfer and distribution of pollutants, Zagreb (Yugoslavia) 15-19 May, 1989. 3- The third International Conference on Environmental Protection is a must, Alexandria (Egypt), February 1993. 4- Training Seminar to review and discuss modern methods and technologies for the simulation of the Oceanography Processes associated with marine coastal problem, Erice 6-10 March 1994. 5- Symposium on Red Sea Marine Environmental, Jeddah (Kingdom of Saudi Arabia) 25-28 April 1994. 6- The Fourth International conference on Environmental Protection is a must, Alexandria (Egypt), 10-12 May 1994. 7- XXXIV Congress-Plenary Assembly (CIESM), (Valletta) Malta, 27-31 March, 1995. 8- ICSC-World Laboratory: First Workshop on the "Mediterranean Beach Management", Erice (Italy), 6-13 April, 1995. 9- Workshop on "Application of Remote Sensing over the Mediterranean Sea", Palermo (Italy), 20-22 April, 1995. 10- EGYPT-EGITTO Observational Meeting, Trieste (Italy), 9-10 October, 2006. 11- Meeting of IOC/ABELOS VIII Expert Group on the Law of the Sea, Paris 20-25 April 2008 12- CIESM Board Meeting, Monaco 9 May 2008. 13- 41st IOC Executive Council Meeting, Paris 24 June – 2 July 2008. 14- WGZE/CIESM Workshop to compare Zooplankton Ecology and Methodologies between Mediterranean and North Atlantic 27-30 October 2008, Heraklion, Crete (Greece). 15- Second International Conference on Aquatic Resources "Integrated Coastal Zone Management and Sustainable Development" 22-25 November, 2008, Alexandria, Egypt. 16- Workshop on Impact of Large Coastal Mediterranean Cities on Marine Ecosystems Bibliotheca Alexandrina, Alexandria, Egypt, 10-12 February 2009 17- Meeting of IOC/ABE-LOS IX Expert Group on the Law of the Sea, Paris 30 March-3 April 2009 18- Meeting of Group Experts on Marine Scientific Research USA, New York 20-24 April 2009 19- Meeting of the Forty-Second Session of the Executive Council of IOC, Paris 15 June 2009. 20- Meeting of the Twenty-fifth Session of the IOC Assembly, Paris 16-25 June 2009. 21- OceanObs 09 Conference, Ocean information for society: sustaining the benefits, realizing the potential, 21-25 September 2009 – Venice, Italy. 22- Second International Conference on Aquatic Resources "Integrated Coastal Zone Management and Sustainable Development" 17-20 November, 2009, Alexandria, Egypt. 23- Workshop on “The role of IOC in Development of Oceanography and Marine Ecology in Egypt and the Arab Region”, 19 November 2009, Alexandria, Egypt. 24- Workshop on “Marine Constituent Dynamics in Coastal Egypt” sponsored by the U.S. National Science Foundation (NSF), 20 November 2009, Alexandria, Egypt. 25- Conference on 50 Years of Education and Awareness Rising for Shaping the Future of the Oceans and Coasts. 27-30 April 2010, St. Petersburg, Russia Federation. 26- 39th Congress -Plenary Assembly (CIESM), 10-14 May 2010 – Venice, Italy. 27- Meeting of the Forty-Three Session of the Executive Council of IOC, Paris 8-16 June 2010. 28- WCRP-UNESCO (GEWEX/CLIVAR/IHP) Workshop on Metrics and Methodologies of estimation of extreme climate events, 27-29 September 2010, Paris-France. 29- 5th EGO Meeting and Glider School, 14-18 March 2011, Gran Canaria, Spain 30- CIESM Workshop No. 43 on Planning repeated basin-wide surveys for climatic studies in the Mediterranean Sea, 11-14 May 2011, Supetar, Island of Brac, Croatia. 31- MedCLIVAR Final Conference on Mediterranean Climate: From Past to Future, 6-9 June 2011, Lecce, Italy.

Arabic, Russian
Research Region 2, 3, 41
Skills/Expertise I joined the National Institute of Oceanography and Fisheries (NIOF) as a Research Assistant in April 1976. I got my Master Degree in Oceanography from the University of Alexandria (Egypt) in 1979 and Ph.D. in 1985 from the Institute of Hydrometeorology, Russia. I have been appointed as Associated Professor of Physical Oceanography in 1991 and Professor in 1996. During my work in NIOF, I participated in many national and international projects, coordinated several important activities, taught and supervised graduated and post graduate students. During the period 1995-1998, I joined the Regional Organization for the protection of the Marine Environment (ROPME) in Kuwait as specialist of Marine Environment. I undertook the duties of the Programme Officer which includes coordination and follow up of programmes relevant to environmental monitoring and assessment of the ROPME Region. I also participated in several activities including the planning for an Open Sea Cruise, updating the ROPME Manual of Oceanographic Observations and Pollutants Analyses Methods (MOOPAM) and fellow up of the Quality Assurance Programme. Arrangement and coordinating several scientific meetings, workshops, and conferences related to the marine environment and Fisheries. During 1999-2001, I was the Deputy Director of NIOF for the administration affairs. My duties were: management of the administration units including employee, stores, engineering facilities, etc..; Official representative of NIOF for delegation of the interested areas of the Institute (projects, branches and research stations), and other external authorities. Arrangements for strengthen the links between NIOF and other Institutions. Since 2008, I responsible for the IOC meetings, programmes and activities, such as; Member of Egyptian Delegation to IOC Executive Council and Assembly; Member of Expert Group on the Law of the Sea (IOC/ABE-LOS); Member of ODIN Africa in Egypt; Member of IOC Intercessional Financial Advisory Group, Focal Point for Argo Programme , Focal Point of Egypt to IOC-GOOS Program and a contact person for NEAM Tsunami Warning System. Also I was a representative of Egypt to CIESM during the period 2006-2010. During my scientific work, I have attended several national and international workshops, meetings, conferences, training courses and scientific missions. I published 58 scientific papers in national and international journals.
Comments Nominated as GOOS National representative by Prof Mohahmed A. Shreadah, Niof, with letter in reply to CL 2328rev Nominated as Tsunami Contact Person Vice-Chair of IOCAFRICA
PUBLICATIONS (as reported by Prof. Mohamed SAID)

List of publication: 1- Sharaf El Din S.H.; M.A. Gerges; M.M. Osman & M.A. said. 1980. The effect of oceanographic and meteorological factors on the transport of pollutants in Abu Qir Bay, Egypt, V

Group(s): IOC , GOOS , GOOS for Africa , GOOS Regional Alliances , OOS , Tsunami , ICG/NEAMTWS , Other ICG/ NEAMTWS Contacts , GOOS National Focal Points , I-GOOS (dissolved 2011) , NEAMTWS CTE2 , GRA Mailing List
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