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Details of Dr. Luis Manuel Matias   


Gender male
Job title Professor
Department Universidade de Lisboa
Instituto Dom Luiz ( IDL)
Campo Grande, Ed. C8, piso 3 Lisboa 1749-016 Lisboa
Instituto Dom Luiz Campo Grande, Ed. C8, piso 3
1749-016 Lisboa
Tel +351 217500812
Fax +351 217500807
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Website http://http://idl.ul.pt
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Degree PhD
Job type Teaching/Education
Research Area(s) Marine Geology, Geophysics , Marine Geology, Geophysics
Research Activities Natural Hazards
Research Region Nort-East Atlantic
Skills/Expertise Seismology
PUBLICATIONS (as reported by Dr. Luis MATIAS)

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Leinweber, V. T., Klingelhoefer, F., Neben, S., Reichert, C., Aslanian, D., Matias, L., Heyde, I., Schreckenberger, B., Jokat, W., 2013. The crustal structure of the Central Mozambique continental margin ? Wide-angle seismic, gravity and magnetic study in the Mozambique Channel, Eastern Africa, Tectonophysics, In Press, Corrected Proof, Available online 29 April 2013.
Matias, L.M., T. Cunha, A. Annunziato, M.A. Baptista, and F. Carrilho, 2013. Tsunamigenic earthquakes in the Gulf of Cadiz: fault model and recurrence, Nat. Hazards Earth Syst. Sci., 13, 1?13, doi:10.5194/nhess-13-1-2013
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Cabral, J. M., Marques, F., Figueiredo, P. and Matias, L., 2011. Active surface faulting or landsliding in the Lower Tagus Valley (Portugal)? A solved controversy concerning the Vila Chã de Ourique site, J. Seismology, DOI 10.1007/s10950-010-9221-8.
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Jaffal, M., Frauke Klingelhoefer, Luis Matias, Fernando Teixeira, Mostafa Amrhar (2009). Crustal structure of the NW Moroccan margin from deep seismic data (SISMAR Cruise), C. R. Geoscience, 341, pp 495?503.
Matias, H., Pedro Kress, Pedro Terrinha, Webster Mohriak, Paulo T. L. Menezes, Luis Matias, Fernando Santos, and Frode Sandnes, 2011. Salt tectonics in the western Gulf of Cadiz, southwest Iberia, AAPG Bulletin, 95(10), pp. 1667?1698.

Group(s): IOC , Tsunami , ICG/NEAMTWS , NEAM potential RTWCs , Task Team on the Communication Test and Tsunami Exercises
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