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Details of Dr. Jens Christian Nejstgaard   


Gender male
Job title LakeLab Scientific Coordinator
Leibniz-Institut für Gewässerökologie und Binnenfischerei ( IGB)
Alte Fischerhütte 2 Stechlin/OT Neuglobsow 16775
Leibniz-Institut für Gewässerökologie und Binnenfischerei Alte Fischerhütte 2
Stechlin/OT Neuglobsow
Tel [49]33082 69940
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Website http://www.igb-berlin.de/staff-igb/show/714.html, http://www.lake-lab.de/index.php/brief-profile-nejstgaard.html
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Degree PhD
Job type Research
Research Area(s) Biological Oceanography, Marine Ecology , Biological Oceanography, Marine Ecology
Research Activities Ecosystem studies, Large-scale Infrastructure, Mesocosm studies, Trophic interaction estimates, in situ - novel method development. HAB, Global warming and CO2 effects on plankton dynamics. Major species worked with: Phaeocystis, Emilliania, Prymnesium, Skeletonema, Diatoms, cilliates, copepods, Calanus, Acartia. 
Research Region 83, 18, 36
Skills/Expertise Zooplankton, Plankton Ecosystems, Trophic interactions, Molecular Ecology. Mesocosm and Enclosure studies.
PUBLICATIONS (as reported by Dr. Jens NEJSTGAARD)

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Larsen A, Egge JK, Nejstgaard JC, Di Capua I, Thyrhaug R, Bratbak G, Thingstad TF (2015) Contrasting response to nutrient manipulation in Arctic mesocosms are reproduced by a minimum microbial food web model. Limnol Oceanogr 60: 360-374
Leal MC, Ferrier-Pagès C, Calado R, Thompson ME, Frischer ME, Nejstgaard JC (2014) Coral feeding on microalgae assessed with molecular trophic markers. Mol Ecol 23:3870-3876
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