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Details of  Noura Zaazi   


Department Département des sciences de la terre
Université Mohammed V- Agdal, Rabat
Regions Mediterranean Sea - Western Basin
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Degree MSci
Job type Research
Research Area(s) Marine Geology, Geophysics , Climatology, Meteorology , Marine Geology, Geophysics , Climatology, Meteorology
Research Activities • Internship in a marine research station (STARESO, Calvi-Corsica in 2006).  For 15 days, we learned how to handle tools such measures by CTD, NESKIN bottles samples for chemical analysis, and sampling plankton with specific nets. • Internship on BELGICA (Belgian research boat) in 2007. For three days we learned how to sample marine sediments by means of a "grab" And observed imagery record by the "sonar-multibeam echosounder.

Training course (March-April):Isotopic analysis (Nd-Sm-Ce)
Research Region 36, 85
Skills/Expertise Clay mineralogy and bulk mineralogy analysis in XRD. Physical characteristics: study of the shipboard physical data, Computer Tomography (CT): analysing CT images in 3-D. Mineralogy: High-resolution grainsize analysis, and XRF scanning of the concerned interval. Study of the detritic (IRD) fraction, to be compared with the Irish mainland geology. Palaeoceanographic study: analysis of the benthic and planktonic foraminiferal assemblage in the framework of palaeoenvironmental study.

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