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Details of  Margarita Fernández Tejedor   


Gender female
Job title Phytoplankton and Coastal Environment
Institut de Recerca i Tecnologia Agroalimentaries - Sant Carles de la Ràpita ( IRTA)
Carretera del Poblenou km 5.5 Sant carles de la Ràpita 43540
Nationality Spain
Tel 34 977745427
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Website http://www.irta.es/
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Degree Master (MSc, MTech)
Working languages Catalan, English, French, Spanish
PUBLICATIONS (as reported by Margarita FERNáNDEZ TEJEDOR)

Carrasco, N, Arzul, I, Berthe, F. C. J, Fernández-Tejedor, M, Durfort, M, Furones, M D (2008) Delta de l?Ebre is a natural bay model for Marteilia spp. (Paramyxea) dynamics and life-cycle studies Dis Aquat Org 79: 65?73
Fernández-Tejedor M, Soubrier-Pedreño MÁ, Furones MD (2007) Mitigation of lethal effects of Karlodinium veneficum and K. armiger on Sparus aurata: changes in haematocrit and plasma osmolality. Dis Aquat Org 77:53-59
Ramón, M, Fernández, M, Galimany, E (2007) Development of mussel (Mytilus galloprovincialis) seed from two different origins in a semi-enclosed Mediterranean Bay (N.E. Spain) Aquaculture 264:148?159
Esther Garcés, Margarita Fernandez, Antonella Penna, Kees Van Lenning, Andrés Gutierrez, Jordi Camp, Manuel Zapata (2006) CHARACTERIZATION OF NW MEDITERRANEAN KARLODINIUM SPP. (DINOPHYCEAE) STRAINS USING MORPHOLOGICAL, MOLECULAR, CHEMICAL, AND PHYSIOLOGICAL METHODOLOGIES. Journal of Phycology 42 (5) , 1096?1112
Bergholtz T., Daugbjerg N., Moestrup Ø. & Fernández-Tejedor M. 2005. On the identity of Karlodinium veneficum and the description of Karlodinium armiger sp. nov. (Dinophyceae), based on light and electron microscopy, nuclear-encoded LSU rDNA, and pigment composition. J. Phycol. 42: 170-193
Fernández-Tejedor, M, Soubrier-Pedreño, MA, Furones, MD (2004) Acute LD50 of a Gyrodinium corsicum natural population for Sparus aurata and Dicentrarchus labrax. Harmful Algae; 3: 1-9.
Margarita Fernández, Micheline Bianchi and France Van Wambeke (1994) Bacterial biomass, heterotrophic production and utilization of dissolved organic matter photosynthetically produced in the Almeria-Oran front. Journal of Marine Systems 5: 313-325

Group(s): HAB
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