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Details of Dr. Yuliya Bryantseva   


Gender female
Job title Senior Researcher
Department Phycology
2, Terechenkovskaya str.
Regions Mediterranean Sea - Eastern Basin
Sea of Marmara
Bristol Channel
Tel +380677294839
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Website http://www.ibss.org.ua
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Degree PhD
Job type Research
Research Area(s) Biological Oceanography, Marine Ecology , Biological Oceanography, Marine Ecology
Research Activities Phytoplankton, species composition, abundance, spatial and temporal variability, seasonal and long standing changes under natural and anthropogenic factors, computer database

Research Region 5, Antarktic, Arabian Sea
Skills/Expertise I have 30 years of experience of work with plankton communities
PUBLICATIONS (as reported by Dr. Yuliya BRYANTSEVA)

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Oil spill accident in the Kerch Strait in November 2007 // Edited by Alexander Korshenko, Yuriy Ilyin, Violeta Velikova. Black Sea Commission Publications [2011] Moscow, Nauka, 288 p., Brjantseva Yu. Ch. 8.2. Phytoplankton. 190-191
8. Bryantseva Yu.V. (2005) Microalgae cells shape index as a new criterion for adaptation to environmental conditons // International conference «Aquatic ecology at the dawn of XXI century» (3 - 7 October, 2005.) - St. Peterburg, 2005. - P. 14. (English)
7. Bryantseva Yu. V. (2005) Shape index of unicellular microalgae as a new morphometric criterion // Ecologiya morya. No. 67. - 2005. - pp. 27 - 31 . (in Russian)
9. Yunev, A. Lopukhin, Yu. Bryantseva, J. Wilson, R. Kemp, V. Efimov (2005) The Sevastopol Bay ecosystem (the Black Sea) state inferred from changes in phytoplankton and nutrients variables during 2000-2004 // International conference «Aquatic ecology at the dawn of XXI century». (3 - 7 October, 2005.) - St. Peterburg, 2005. - P. 110. (English)
6. Lopukhina O.A., Bryantseva Yu.V., Kemp R.B. (2000). Seasonal dynamics of the Sevastopol Bay phytoplankton in 1998 In: The coastal and sea water area of Sevastopol: ecosystem processes and services for human society. Sevastopol: Acvavita publ. P. 131-141 (in Russian)
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1.Bryantseva Yu.V., Bryantsev V.A., Murzov S.A. (1995) The long standing changes in phytoplankton of the Black Sea in connection with environmental and anthropogenic factors. In: Long-term changes in marine ecosystems, Arcachon, France, Abstracts pp. 20-21 (In English)
10. Bryantseva Yu.V. Shape index of cell microalgae as a new criterion of the state phytocenoses // Scientific notes of Ternopol National Pedagogical University named after Vladimir Gnatjuck. Series: Biology. Special issue ?Hydroecology?. ? 2005. - ? 4 (27). - P. 29 ? 31

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