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Details of Mrs Vladimir Grintsov   


Gender male
Job title Senior scientist
Department Ecology of benthos
Institute of Biology of the Southern Seas 2, Nakhimov ave., 99011 Sevastopol Ukraine
Regions Mediterranean Sea - Eastern Basin
Bristol Channel
Tel 38-0692-474204
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Degree PhD
Job type Research
Research Area(s) Biological Oceanography, Marine Ecology , Biological Oceanography, Marine Ecology
Research Activities Ecology and biodiversity of fouling community, Ecology, Faunistic and Biology marine Amphipods.

Экология и биоразнообразие сообщества обрастания. Экология, фаунистика и биология морских амфипод.
Research Region The 5, the Sea of Azov, the Persian Gulf, Antarctic, Atlantic ocean
Skills/Expertise Hydrobiology
PUBLICATIONS (as reported by Mrs Vladimir GRINTSOV)

V.Grintsov., M. Sezgin. manual for identification of Amphipoda from the Black Sea - Sevastopol.-2011.DigitPrint 151 p., 379 ill.
Grintsov V.A., Poltarukha O.P. 2004. Functional species groups in the architecture of fouling communities. Okeanologiya, 44, 4: 583-588 (in Russian)
Grintsov V.A. 2003. The recent data on the morphology, biology and ecology of Jassa spp. (Amphipoda, Ishyroceridae) from the Black Sea. Vestnik Zoologii, 37, 2: 73-76 (in Russian)
Grintsov V.A. 2003. On the finding of the amphipod Orchestia platensis (Amphipoda, Talitridae), formerly unknown in Ukraine, in the coastal sea water of the Crimea. Vestnik Zoologii, 37, 3: 42 (in Russian)
Murina V.V., Grintsov V.A. 2002. Some aspects of the ecology of polychaetes inhabiting the artificial reef in the coastal sea water near Sevastopol. Ekologiya Morya, 61: 45-48 (in Russian)
Grintsov V.A. 1999. Mussel collectors as a multistoried habitat. Priroda, 4: 74-76 (in Russian)
Roginskaya I.S., Grintsov V.A. 1999. New research in egg coiling direction. Sea Slug Forum, Australian Museum, 7: 1-3
Grintsov V.A. 1998. Distribution of mussels Mytilaster sp. and the red alga Ceramium sp. depended upon the presence of the barnacle Balanus sp. in the fouling communities. Gydrobiol.Zhurnal, vol.34, 3: 50-56 (in Russian)

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