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Details of Dr. Gregory Lee Fulling   


Gender male
2410 W 29th, Apt. 3
Tel 001 615 768 1422
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Degree PhD
Job type Research , Data Management , Natural Resource Management
Research Area(s) Biological Oceanography, Marine Ecology , Fisheries, Aquaculture , Research Support Services , Biological Oceanography, Marine Ecology , Fisheries, Aquaculture , Research Support Services
Research Activities * Design, management, implementation, and analysis of several field and laboratory research projects focused on the interaction of marine/estuarine fishes and their natural environments * Planning and implementation of numerous research projects, including shipboard and aerial surveys designed to estimate the abundance of marine mammals * Calculation of density estimates for several marine organisms, including marine mammals, sea turtles and fishes * Preparation and publication of scientific publications * Visual observer for marine mammals * Public presentations (speaker and moderator) * Educational outreach

Greg spent 7 years involved in the design and implementation of various shipboard and aerial surveys, as well as density estimate calculations. He has been actively involved in surveys in the Gulf of Mexico, western North Atlantic, and Caribbean Sea. Greg used data collected during these surveys to calculate density estimates for marine mammals in compliance with the Marine Mammal Protection Act. Greg has also attended DISTANCE Sampling training, SAS training, and the NOAA Guidelines for Assessing Marine Mammal Stocks Workshop, in addition to several other governmental and scientific workshops.
Research Region 72, 36, 35, 34
Working languages English, Spanish
Skills/Expertise Greg is a fisheries ecologist who has 15 years of experience with marine and freshwater fishes and their habitats. His diverse background covers many aspects of the marine and estuarine environments, including studies on pelagic/planktonic organisms and the interaction of these organisms within their natural habitats. Additionally, Greg has 4 years of research experience with marine mammals, including shipboard and aerial survey design, data analysis and density estimation. His research interests include addressing the impacts of anthropogenic disruption of natural populations of marine organisms. He has also been involved in many outreach efforts to educate the public about a wide variety of marine animals. Dr Fulling’s primary areas of expertise include:
Comments Chief Scientist/Field Party Chief. Mariana Islands Sea Turtle Cetacean Survey (MISTCS). January 2007 through April 2007. Greg designed and implemented this 90 day, line-transect survey. The objective of this survey was to estimate the abundance of cetaceans with the Guam/Mariana Islands OPERA (operating areas) for the U.S. Navy. Greg was also responsible for all data analysis and report preparation, presentation and publications. He was responsible for all daily operations of 9 other scientists and all aspects of field and data management.
PUBLICATIONS (as reported by Dr. Gregory FULLING)

Fulling, G.L., D. Fertl, K. Knight, and W. Hoggard. 2007. Distribution of Molidae in the northern Gulf of Mexico. Gulf and Caribbean Research.
Fertl, D., and G.L. Fulling. 2007. Interactions between marine mammals and sea turtles. Marine Turtle Newsletter 115:4-8.
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Fulling, G.L., K.D. Mullin, and C.W. Hubard. 2003. Distribution and abundance of cetaceans in the continental shelf waters of the U.S. Gulf of Mexico. Fishery Bulletin 101:923-932.
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Peterson, M.S., L.C. Nicholson, G.L. Fulling, and D.J. Snyder. 2000. Catch-per-unit-effort, environmental conditions, and spawning migration of Cycleptus meridionalis Burr and Mayden in coastal rivers of the northern Gulf of Mexico. American Midland Naturalist 143:414-421.
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Peterson, M.S., C.F. Rakocinski, B.H. Comyns, and G.L. Fulling. 1999. Laboratory growth responses of juvenile Mugil sp. to temperature and salinity: Delineating optimal field growth. Gulf Caribbean Fisheries Institute Proceedings 51:341-352.
Fulling, G.L., and P. Clapham. 2004. MoNAH (More North Atlantic Humpbacks) Silver Bank Humpback Whale Survey, Silver Bank Sanctuary, Dominican Republic. NOAA Ship Gordon Gunter Cruise GU-04-01(26), 14 January–12 March 2004. Unpublished cruise report. Pascagoula, Mississippi: National Marine Fisheries Service.
NMFS-SEFSC. 2003. A study of oceanic cetaceans in the northern Gulf of Mexico. NOAA Ship Gordon Gunter Cruise GU-03-02(23), 12 June–18 August 2003. Unpublished cruise report. Pascagoula, Mississippi: National Marine Fisheries Service. (Prepared this report as chief scientist for cruise)
Peterson, M.S., L.C. Nicholson, D.J. Snyder, and G.L. Fulling. 1999. Growth, spawning preparedness and diet of Cycleptus meridionalis (Catostomidae). Transactions of the American Fisheries Soceity 128(5):900-908.
Mullin, K.D., and G.L. Fulling. 2004. Abundance of cetaceans in the oceanic northern Gulf of Mexico, 1996-2001. Marine Mammal Science 20(4):787-807.
Fulling, G. L., P. H. Thorson, and J. Rivers. 2011. Distribution and Abundance Estimates for Cetaceans in the Waters off Guam and the Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands. Pacific Science 65(3):321-343.
Peterson, M.S., B.H. Comyns, C.F. Rakocinski, and G.L. Fulling. 2004. Defining the fundamental physiological niche of young estuarine fishes and its relationship to understanding distribution, vital metrics, and optimal nursery conditions. Environmental Biology of Fishes 71(2):143-149.
Smultea, M.A., J.R. Mobley Jr., D. Fertl, and G.L. Fulling. 2008. Sperm whale reactions to fixed-wing aircraft. Gulf and Caribbean Research 20(1) 75-80.

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