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Details of Dr Katerina Aligizaki   


Gender female
Job title Researcher
Department Laboratory Unit for Harmful Marine Microalgae, Dept. Biology, AUTH
Biology Building, 8th floor, lab 8.07 Thessaloniki 54124
AUTH-ARISTOTLE UNIVERISTY OF THESSALONIKI Biology Building, 8th floor, lab 8.07
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Website http://hab.bio.auth.gr
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Degree PhD
Job type Research
Research Area(s) Biological Oceanography, Marine Ecology , Biological Oceanography, Marine Ecology
Research Activities HAB monitoring in Greek waters
Research Region 2, 3,
Skills/Expertise Marine microalgae taxonomy & ecology focusing in toxic/potentially toxic taxa. Special interest in the taxonomy, ecology and toxicity of toxic/potentially toxic benthic dinoflagellates.
PUBLICATIONS (as reported by Dr Katerina ALIGIZAKI)

Parsons, M. L., Aligizaki, K., Bottein, M.-Y. D., Fraga, S., Morton, S. L., Penna, A. & Rhodes, L. (2012). Gambierdiscus and Ostreopsis: Reassessment of the state of knowledge of their taxonomy, geography, ecophysiology, and toxicology. Harmful Algae 14, 107-129.
Gottschling, M., Soehner, S., Zinssmeister, C., John, U., Pl?¶tner, J., Schweikert, M., Aligizaki, K., Elbr?¤chter, M., 2012. Delimitation of the Thoracosphaeraceae (Dinophyceae), Including the Calcareous Dinoflagellates, Based on Large Amounts of Ribosomal RNA Sequence Data. Protist 163, 15-24.
Penna, A., Fraga, S., Battocchi, C., Casabianca, S., Perini, F., Capellacci, S., Casabianca, A., RiobÓ, P., Giacobbe, M. G., Totti, C., Accoroni, S., Vila, M., RenÉ, A., Scardi, M., Aligizaki, K., Nguyen-Ngoc, L. & Vernesi, C. (2012). Genetic diversity of the genus Ostreopsis Schmidt: phylogeographical considerations and molecular methodology applications for field detection in the Mediterranean Sea. Cryptogamie Algologie 33, 153-163.
Aligizaki K, Katikou P, Milandri A, Diogene J, 2011. Occurrence of palytoxin-group toxins in seafood and future strategies to complement the present state of the art. Toxicon, 57: 390-399.
Aligizaki K, 2010. Spread of potentially toxic benthic dinoflagellates in the Mediterranean Sea: a response to climate change? In: Briand, F [Ed.] CIESM 2010. Phytoplankton responses to Mediterranean environmental changes. No 40 in CIESM Workshop Monographs. CIESM, Monaco, pp. 57-61.
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Nikolaidis G, Aligizaki K, Koukaras K, Moschandreou K, 2008. Mucilage phenomena in the North Aegean Sea, Greece: another harmful effect of dinoflagellates? In: Moestrup, O, et al. [Eds.] Proceedings of the 12th International Conference on Harmful Algae. ISSHA, UNESCO, Copenhagen.
Aligizaki K, 2008. Bionomy of benthic dinoflagellates in coastal areas of North Aegean Sea with emphasis in toxic species. PhD Thesis, Aristotle University of Thessaloniki.
Aligizaki K, Katikou P, Nikolaidis G, Panou A, 2008. First episode of shellfish contamination by palytoxin-like compounds from Ostreopsis species (Aegean Sea, Greece). Toxicon, 51: 418-427.
Aligizaki K, Nikolaidis G, Fraga S, 2008. Is Gambierdiscus expanding to new areas? Harmful Algae News, 36: 6-7.
Aligizaki K, Nikolaidis G, 2008. Morphological identification of two tropical dinoflagellates of the genera Gambierdiscus and Sinophysis in the Mediterranean Sea. J. Biol. Res.-Thessalon., 9: 75-82.
Aligizaki K, Nikolaidis G, 2006. The presence of the potentially toxic genera Ostreopsis and Coolia (Dinophyceae) in the North Aegean sea, Greece. Harmful Algae, 5: 717-730.
Nikolaidis G, Koukaras K, Aligizaki K et al 2005. Harmful microalgal episodes in Greek coastal waters. Journal of Biological Research Thessaloniki, 3: 77-85.

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