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Details of Mr Jelvas Maina Mwaura   


Gender male
Job title Research Scientist
Department Marine Ecology and Environment
81651-80101, Mombasa
Regions Mediterranean Sea - Western Basin
Tel +254 (0)712 705 688
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Website http://student.vub.ac.be/~jmwaura/
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Degree MSc.
Research Region 46, 71
Working languages English
PUBLICATIONS (as reported by Mr Jelvas MWAURA)

Grimsditch, G., Mwaura, J.M.,Kilonzo, J. and Amiyo, N. (2009)The Effects of Habitat on Coral Resistance and Resilience to Bleaching. Under Ambio Journal review
Mwaura, J, Grimsditch, G, Kilonzo, J, Amiyo, N. and Obura, D. (2009) Zooxanthellae densities are highest in summer months in Equatorial corals in Kenya. Accepted for publication in WIOMSA journal review
Grimsditch, G., Mwaura, J., Kilonzo, J., Amiyo, N. and Obura, D.O. (2009) Seasonal fluctuations in zooxanthellae densities in corals in the Mombasa Marine Park, 1998-2006. African Studies Centre African Studies Collection, Vol. 20 Advances in Coastal ecology People, Processes and Ecosystems in Kenya. pp.151
Grimsditch, G, Tamelander, J., Mwaura, J., Zavagli, M., Takata, Y. and Gomez ,T.(2009) Coral reef resilience assessment of the Pemba conservation channel area, northwestern Pemba island, Tanzania. IUCN-CORDIO_technical_report.http://cmsdata.iucn.org/downloads/pemba_report___final.pdf
Mwaura J.M. (2008) Coral-Reef Ecology and Fishery Resources Analysis in Diani-chale, southern Kenya: A GIS and RDBMS application. GIS/Spatial Analyses in Fishery and Aquatic Sciences book. under second review
Grimsditch, G, Mwaura, J, Kilonzo, J, Amiyo, N. and Obura, D. (2008) High Zooxanthellae densities and turnover correlate with low bleaching tolerance in Kenyan corals. CORDIO 2008 Status report
Grimsditch, G, Mwaura, J, Kilonzo, J., Amiyo, N. and Obura, D. (2007) Zooxanthellae population strategies and bleaching tolerance. Cordio Status Report 2007
Mwaura, J.M. (2007). Analysis of reef ecology and fisheries information for a small-scale fishery management in Diani-Chale, southern Kenya: a GIS and RDBMS application. MSc Thesis. Universiteit Antwerpen/Vrije Universiteit Brussel (ECOMAMA): Brussel, Belgium. 59 pp.
Grimsditch, G., Mwaura, J., Kilonzo, J., Amiyo, N. and Obura, D.O. (2007) Population dynamics of zooxanthellae in the Mombasa Marine Park. 2007 Cordio Status Report.
Visram, S., Mwaura,J.,and Obura,D.O.(2006).Assessing coral community recovery from coral bleaching by recruitment in two reserves in Kenya.WIO Journal of Marine Science, Volume 6(2). Technical reports
Obura D., Juliet Furaha and Jelvas M. Mwaura. (2005) Coral settlement patterns in the Mombasa marine national park, CORDIO Status report 2005, pp 167-173.

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