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Details of Dr Chris J Jenkins   


Gender male
Job title Senior Research Scientist
Department INSTAAR
University of Colorado, Boulder ( CU)
1560 30th St Boulder 80309-0450
University of Colorado, Boulder 1560 30th St
United States
Tel 1-720-840-3303
Fax 1-303 492-6388
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Website http://instaar.colorado.edu/~jenkinsc/
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Degree PhD
Job type Research
Research Area(s) Marine Geology, Geophysics , Marine Geology, Geophysics
Research Activities Seafloor substrates mapping and databases with research applications in oceanography, habitats, environment, acoustics, modelling, beneficial ocean management

Research Region 102
Skills/Expertise dbSEABED information system on global ocean substrates Sedimentology, geophysics, heterogeneous data integration, oceanography
Comments Email is best point of contact, frequent traveller
PUBLICATIONS (as reported by Dr Chris JENKINS)

Williams, S.J., Flocks, J., Jenkins, C., Khalil, S. & Moya, J. 2012. Offshore Sediment Character and Sand Resource Assessment of the Northern Gulf of Mexico, Florida to Texas. Journal of Coastal Research, 60, 30?44.
Goff, J.A., Jenkins, C.J. & Williams, S.J. 2008. Seabed mapping and characterization of sediment variability using the usSEABED data base. Continental Shelf Research, 28(4-5), 614-633.
Goff, J.A., Jenkins, C.J. & Calder, B. [2006] Maximum likelihood resampling of noisy, spatially correlated data Geochemistry, Geophysics, Geosystems, 7(8), Q08003
Jenkins, C., Flocks, J. & Kulp, K. [2006] Integration of the Stratigraphic Aspects of very large Seafloor Databases using Information Processing In: Rothwell, G. (Ed.), New Techniques in Sediment Core Analysis Geological Society Special Publns 276, 200p
Li, F., Dyt, C., Griffiths, C.M., Jenkins, C., Rutherford, M., and Chittleborough, J. [2005] Seabed Sediment Transport and Offshore Pipeline Risks in the Australian Southeast APPEA Journal 45, 523-534
Porter-Smith, R., Harris, P.T., Anderson, O., Coleman, R., Greenslade, D. and Jenkins, C.J. [2004] Classification of the Australian continental shelf based on predicted sediment threshold exceedance from tidal currents and swell waves Marine Geology 211, 1-20
Jenkins, C.J. [2002] Automated digital mapping of sediment colour descriptions Geo-Marine Letters, 22(4), 181-7
Jenkins, C.J. [1997] Building Offshore Soils Databases Sea Technology, 38(12), 25-28
Ferretti, F., Osio, G.C., Jenkins, C.J., Rosenberg, A.A. & Lotze, H.K. 2012. Long-term change in a meso-predator community in response to prolonged and heterogeneous human impact. Scientific Reports 3(1057)
Jenkins, C. & Wever, T. 2007. Naval Mine Impact Burial Prediction using Seafloor Database, Experiment, and GIS Technologies. Marine Geores. & Geotech., 25(3), 199-208.

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