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Details of Mr. Laurent Picot   


Gender male
Job title Assistant Professor
Department UMRi CNRS 7266 Littoral Environment Society
Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique (
University La Rochelle La Rochelle 17000
Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique University La Rochelle
La Rochelle
Regions Sea of Azov
Nationality France
Tel +33 546458220
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Degree PhD Professoral habilitation
Job type Operational Support (technical)
Research Area(s) Marine Biotechnology, Marine Products , Marine Biotechnology, Marine Products
Working languages French English
Skills/Expertise marine Anticancer molecules Microalgae pigments Marine Pharmacology
PUBLICATIONS (as reported by Mr. Laurent PICOT)

Juin C., Bonnet A., Nicolau E., Bérard J.B., Devillers R., Thiéry V., Cadoret J.P. & Picot L. UPLC-MSE profiling of phytoplankton metabolites: Application to the identification of pigments and structural analysis of metabolites in Porphyridium purpureum. Marine Drugs 13, 2541-2558, 2015.
Juin C., Chérouvrier J.R., Thiéry V., Gagez A.L., Bérard J.B., Joguet N., Kaas R., Cadoret J.P. & Picot L. Microwave-assisted extraction of phycobiliproteins from Porphyridium purpureum. Applied Biochemistry and Biotechnology 175, 1-15, 2015.
Serive, B., Kaas, R., Bérard, J.-B., Pasquet, V., Picot, L., Cadoret, J.-P. Selection and optimisation of a method for efficient metabolites extraction from microalgae Bioresource Technology 2012 124: 311-320
Picot L., Ravallec R., Fouchereau-Péron M., Vandanjon L., Jaouen P., Chaplain-Derouiniot M., Guerard F., Chabeaud A., Le Gal Y., Martinez Alvarez O., Bergé J.P., Piot J.M., Batista I., Pires C., Thorkelsson G., Delannoy C., Jakobsen G. & Johansson I., Bourseau P. Impact of ultrafiltration and nanofiltration of an industrial fish protein hydrolysate on its bioactive properties. Journal of the Science of Food and Agriculture 90, 2010, 1819?1826.
Liger F, Popowycz F, Besson T, Picot L, Galmarini CM, Joseph B. Synthesis and antiproliferative activity of clausine E, mukonine, and koenoline bioisosteres. Bioorg Med Chem. 2007 Aug 15;15(16):5615-9.
Mimouni, V., Ulmann, L., Pasquet, V., Mathieu, M., Picot, L., Bougaran, G., Cadoret, J.-P., Morant-Manceau A., Schoefs, B. 2012. The potential of microalgae for the production of bioactive molecules of pharmaceutical interest. Current Pharmaceutical Biotechnology 13 (15) , pp. 2733-2750
Baudelet P.H., Gagez A.L., Bérard J.N., Juin C., Bridiau N., Kaas R., Thiéry V., Cadoret J.P. & Picot L. Antiproliferative activity of Cyanophora paradoxa pigments in melanoma, breast and lung cancer cells. Marine Drugs 11(11), 4390-4406, 2013.
Desforges G, Picot L, Montagne C, Thiery V, Besson T, Joseph B. Synthesis and preliminary antiproliferative evaluation of 1,3,9-triazacyclopenta[b]fluorene derivatives. J Enzyme Inhib Med Chem. 2005 Dec;20(6):569-74.
Testard A, Picot L, Fruitier-Arnaudin I, Piot JM, Chabane H, Domon L, Thiery V, Besson T. Microwave-assisted synthesis of novel thiazolocarbazoles and evaluation as potential anticancer agents. Part III. J Enzyme Inhib Med Chem. 2004 Dec;19(6):467-73.
Testard A, Picot L, Lozach O, Blairvacq M, Meijer L, Murillo L, Piot JM, Thiery V, Besson T. Synthesis and evaluation of the antiproliferative activity of novel thiazoloquinazolinone kinases inhibitors. J Enzyme Inhib Med Chem. 2005 Dec;20(6):557-68.
Pasquet V., Morrisset P., Ihammouine S., Chepied A., Aumailley L., Berard J.B., Serive B., Kaas R., Lanneluc I., Thiery V., Lafferiere M., Piot J.M., Patrice T., Cadoret J.P. & Picot L. Antiproliferative activity of violaxanthin isolated from bioguided fractionation of Dunaliella tertiolecta extracts. Marine Drugs 9(5), 2011, 819-831.
Gagez, A.-L., Thiéry, V., Pasquet, V., Cadoret, J.-P., Picot, L. 2012. Epoxycarotenoids and cancer. Review. Current Bioactive Compounds 8 (2) , pp. 109-141.
Pasquet V., Chérouvrier J.R., Farhat F., Thiéry V., Piot J.M., Bérard J.B.,Kaas R., Serive B., Patrice T., Cadoret J.P. & Picot L. Study on the microalgal pigments extraction process: Performance of microwave assisted extraction. Process Biochemistry 46(1), 2011, 59-67.

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