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Details of Dr. Manoj Pandit Brahmane   


Gender male
Job title Senior Scientist
Department National Institute of Abiotic Stress Manangement
Baramati, Pune
Tel 02112-254057
Fax 02112-254056
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Website http://www.niam.res.in
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Degree PhD
Job type Research
Research Area(s) Fisheries, Aquaculture , Fisheries, Aquaculture
PUBLICATIONS (as reported by Dr. Manoj BRAHMANE)

Brahmane, M. P., Mitra, K., Mishra, S. S. 2008. RAPD fingerprinting of the ornamental fish Badis badis (Hamilton 1822) and Dario dario (Kullander and Britz 2002) (Perciformes, Badidae) from West Bengal, India. Genetics and Molecular Biology. 31, 3, 789-792
MP Brahmane, SN Kundu, MK Das, AP Sharma. 2013. Low genetic diversity and absence of population differentiation of hilsa (Tenualosa ilisha) revealed by mitochondrial DNA cytochrome b region in Ganga and Hooghly rivers. African Journal of Biotechnology. 12 (22) 3383-3389
1. M. P. Brahmane, M. K. Das, M. R. Sinha, V. V. Sugunan, A. Mukherjee, S. N. Singh, and Shree Prakash, P. Maurye, A. Hajra. 2006. Use of RAPD fingerprinting for delineating populations of hilsa shad Tenualosa ilisha (Hamilton, 1822). Genetics and Molecular Research, 5 (4), pp 643-652 2. Brahmane M. P., 2005. Amplification of Tenualosa ilisha mitochondrial 16S ribosomal RNA gene by polymerase chain reaction. NCBI Gene Bank Accession number DQ400344 3. Manna S. K., Brahmane M. P., Manna Chandana, Batabyal S and R. Das. 2006. Occurrence, virulence characteristics and antimicrobial resistance of Escherichia coli O157 in slaughtered cattle and diarrhoeic calves in West Bengal, India. Letters in Applied Microbiology , 43, 405-409 4. M. P. Brahmane and V. V. Sugunan. Role of molecular markers in fishery and aquaculture. Fishing chimes, June 2003 (Popular article) 5. M. P. Brahmane, K. Mitra, S. S. Mishra, D. Biswas. 2006. Molecular Identification of Colisa species using RAPD Marker. Journal of Inland Fisheries Society of India. 38 (2), 63-66 6. M. P. Brahmane and M. K. Das. 2006. Vitellogenin gene expression as biomarker to detect endocrine disruption in Labeo rohita exposed to 17-รข Estradiol. Journal of Inland Fisheries Society of India. 38 (2). 92-94 7. Manna S. K, Brahmane M. P., Manna Chandana, Batabyal S. 2006. Detection of Escherichia coli O157 in foods of animal origin by culture and multiplex polymerase chain reaction. Journal Food Science and Technology, 43 (1), 77-79 8. S. S. Mishra, M. P. Brahmane, P. Maurye, P. Mali, C. Dutta and M. K. Das. 2006. Detection of WSSV and Vibrio parahaemolyticus in Penaeus monodon (Fabricius) using DNA dot blot hybridization technique. 2006. Journal of Inland Fisheries Society of India, 38 (1) pp15-22 9. Das M. K., Maurye P., Brahmane M. P., Mukopadhaya M. K., and Saha P. K. 2007. Impact, Adaptation and Vulnerability of Inland Fisheries to Climate Change. Journal of Indian Association for Environmental Management, Vol. 34(2), 68-76

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