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Details of Dr. Elizabeth M De Santo   


Job title Assistant Professor of Environmental Studies
Department Department of Earth and Environment
Franklin & Marshall College PO Box 3003
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Degree PhD, MSc, MEM, BA
Job type Teaching/Education
Research Area(s) Policy, Law, Economics, Management , Policy, Law, Economics, Management
Skills/Expertise Marine Protected Areas; Environmental Governance
PUBLICATIONS (as reported by Dr. Elizabeth DE SANTO)

Jones, P.J.S., De Santo, E.M., and Qiu, W. (2013) Introduction: an empirical framework for deconstructing the realities of governing marine protected areas. Marine Policy 41: 1-4.
De Santo, E.M. (2013) Missing marine protected area targets: how the push for quantity over quality undermines sustainability and social justice. Journal of Environmental Management 124: 137-146.
Jones, P.J.S., Qiu, W., and De Santo, E.M. (2013) Governing marine protected areas: socio-ecological resilience through institutional and biological diversity. Marine Policy 41: 5-13.
De Santo, E.M. (2013) The Darwin Mounds Special Area of Conservation: implications for offshore marine governance. Marine Policy 41: 25-32.
De Santo, E.M., Jones, P.J.S., Qiu, W., and Clifton, J. (Eds.), (2013) Special issue of Marine Policy (41): Governing Marine Protected Areas: towards socio-ecological resilience through institutional and biological diversity
De Santo, E.M. (2012) Implications of the 10th Conference of Parties to the Convention on Biological Diversity for coastal management and marine protected areas. Ocean Yearbook 26: 249-263.
De Santo, E.M. (2012) From paper parks to private conservation: the role of NGOs in adapting marine protected area strategies to climate change. Journal of International Wildlife Law and Policy 15: 25-40.
Schnurr, M.A., De Santo, E.M., and Craig, R. (2012) Using a blended learning approach to simulate the negotiation of a Multi-lateral Environmental Agreement. International Studies Perspectives 14(2): 109-120.
De Santo, E.M. (2011) Environmental justice implications of Maritime Spatial Planning in the European Union. Marine Policy 35(1): 34-38.
Jessen, S., Chan, K., Côté, I., Dearden, P., De Santo, E., Fortin, M.J., Guichard, F., Haider, W., Jamieson, G., Kramer, D.L., McCrea-Strub, A., Mulrennan, M., Montevecchi, W.A., Roff , J., Salomon, A., Gardner, J., Honka, L., Menafra, R., and Woodley, A. (2011) Science-based Guidelines for MPAs and MPA Networks in Canada. Vancouver: Canadian Parks and Wilderness Society. 58 pp.
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De Santo, E.M. and Jones, P.J.S. [2007] Offshore marine conservation in the North East Atlantic: Emerging challenges and opportunities. Marine Policy 31(3): 336-347.

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