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Details of Dr. Andrey Borisovich Zotov   


Gender male
Job title Senior Researcher
Department Department of Morpho-functional Ecology
37 Pushkinska St., Odesa, 65011, Ukraine
Regions Sea of Marmara
Tel +38 (048) 7250918
Fax +38 (048) 7250918
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Website http://www.obibss.narod.ru
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Degree PhD
Job type Research
Research Area(s) Biological Oceanography, Marine Ecology , Biological Oceanography, Marine Ecology
Research Activities - Estuarine and coastal phytoplankton - Morpho-functional organization of phytoplankton communities - Biodiversity

- Фитопланктон прибрежных акваторий и эстуариев - Морфо-функциональная организация сообществ фитопланктона - Биоразнообразие
Research Region Black Sea and adjoining water bodies
Skills/Expertise EDUCATION 2002 – 2005 Odessa Branch Institute of Biology of Southern Seas, Ukraine Ph.D. in Hydrobiology, diploma: DK 031939, 15 December, 2005 Dissertation title: “Indices of the surface of unicellular algae and their use for structural-functional estimation of phytoplankton” 1999-2002 Post-graduate student; OB IBSS 1990 – 1995 I.I. Mechnikov Odessa State University, Odessa, Ukraine, Specialist (=M.S.) in Biological Sciences with specialization in Hydrobiology Diploma work in Hydrobiology: LG 722097, 28 June, 1995 (Title: “Microphytobenthos artificial substrates of the northwestern Black Sea”) PROFESSIONAL ACTIVITY 2005 – 2007 Research Associate of the Department of Morpho-functional Ecology, OB IBSS 2002 – 2005 Junior Research Assistant of the Department of Hydrobiology, OB IBSS 1999-2002 Post-graduate student; OB IBSS 1997 – 1999 Leading Engineer of the Department of Hydrobiology, OB IBSS
Comments The dissertation is devoted to development of methods of calculation of the complex of parameters of the surface of unicellular algae, and a substantiation of their use for a structurally functional estimation of phytoplankton using the example of the northwestern part of the Black Sea and adjoining water bodies.
PUBLICATIONS (as reported by Dr. Andrey ZOTOV)

Zotov A.B. [2010] Influence of nitrogen/phosphorus ratio in coastal zone of Odessa to interannual reorganization of phytoplankton community morphological structure. Scientific notes of Ternopol National Pedagogical University, 3 (44), 100–104. (In Russian)
G. Minicheva, V. Bolshakov, A. Zotov [2010] The response of autotrophic communities of the northwestern Black sea to the variability of climatic factors Journal of Environmental Protection and Ecology (JEPE of B.E.N.A.), 3, vol. 11, 1046-1054
Zotov, E. Pavlova, L. Sekundjak. [2010] The influence of heavy metals to interannual variability of structural parameters of phytoplankton communities in the Odessa coastal zone Sci. Bull. Uzhgorod Univ. (Ser. Biol.), Vol. 28, 6-10 (In Russian).
Zotov A.B. [2009] The distribution of occurrence of dimensional groups of phytoplankton of the northwestern Black Sea and adjacent water bodies. Ecological safety of the coastal and shelf areas and complex use of shelf resources, 20, 285–292. (In Russian).
Zotov A. [2008] Using specific surface index in analyzing morpho-structural organization of the phytoplankton. Algologia, 18(3): 279–286. (In Russian)
A.B. Zotov [2006] Morpho-functional indexes of phytoplankton North-Western Part of the Black Sea: Biology and Ecology / Eds.: Zaitsev Yu.P., Alexandrov B.G., Minicheva G.G., Kyiv: ”Naukova Dumka”, 195 – 198. (In Russian).
A.B. Zotov [2005] Description of specific surface of phytoplankton taxonomic groups for Odesa region (Ukraine) Аlgology, №.2, pp. 195-204. (In Russian)
G.G. Minitcheva, A.B. Zotov [2003] Peculiarity of dynamics of specific surface of phytoplankton populations from Odessa region Ekologiya Morya (Ecology of the Sea), 63, 46–52. (In Russian).
A.B. Zotov, M.S. Dyatlova, A.V. Makarov [2003] Calculation of phytoplankton surface index using the computer program Ekologiya Morya (Ecology of the Sea), 64, 99 - 104. (In Russian).

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