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Details of  Sergey Belov   


Gender male
Job title head of laboratory
Department National Oceanographic Data Center
All-Russian Research Institute Hydrometeorological Information - World Data Center, Obninsk 6, Koroleva Street
Kaluga region, 249020
Russian Federation
Regions Sea of Azov
Bristol Channel
Nationality Russian Federation
Tel +7 48439 74194
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Degree Doctoral (PhD, ScD)
Job type Data Management
Research Area(s) Physical Oceanography , Climatology, Meteorology , Research Support Services , Physical Oceanography , Climatology, Meteorology , Research Support Services
Research Activities head of Partnership Centre for IODE OceanDataPortal; IODE OceanDataPortal technical coordinator; chair of JCOMM/IODE ETDMP; Meteorology and oceanography;
Working languages English,Russian
  • System analysis;
  • Software development (JAVA, C++, PHP, SQL, etc.)
  • System architecture;
  • Concept modeling;
  • Scientific automation systems;
  • Data processing;
  • System development;
  • Development of software for hydro and meteo data management;
  • Metadata;
  • ISO standards;

2001 – till now All-Russian  Research Institute of Hydrometeorological Information - World Data Center (RIHMI-WDC), Russian National Oceanographic Data Centre

Position (official): head of laboratory

Other positions: chair of JCOMM/IODE Expert Team on Data Management Practices (ETDMP), member of WMO Expert Team on WIS Centres (ET-WISC)

PUBLICATIONS (as reported by Sergey BELOV)

h) Nikolay Mikhailov, Greg Reed, Sergey Belov, Sergey Sukhonosov , Kristina Belova. ?OCEAN DATA PORTAL: CURRENT STATUS AND INTEROPERABILITY WITH OTHER OCEAN DATA SYSTEMS?// INTERNATIONAL MARINE DATA AND INFORMATION SYSTEMS CONFERENCE (IMDIS 2010),29-31 March 2010 Muséum National d?Histoire Naturelle, Paris France. p.151 - 153
a) Belov S., Vyazilov E., Mikhailov N., Sukhonosov S., Chepurnov V. ?Information service of sea activity on the basis of use web ? technologies?// 4-th EuroGOOS Conference. European Operational Oceanography: Present and Future. 6-9 June 2005, Brest France. IFREMER. p.225;
b) Belov S., Mikhailov N., Vyazilov E., Sukhonosov S. JCOMM ETDMP JCOMM Pilot Project ?The Technology Prototype for the ?End to End? Marine Data Management: Basic solutions, development status?//. 4-th EuroGOOS Conference. European Operational Oceanography: Present and Future. 6-9 June 2005, Brest,France, p.204-205;
c) Belov S., Rostov I., Mikhailov N., Chepurnov V., Sukhonosov S., Rostov V. ?Integration of information resources in the Unified System of Information on the World ocean state (ESIMO) of Russia?// North Pacific Marine Science Organization. Twelfth Annual Meeting. Program abstracts. October 10-18. 2003. Seoul, Republic of Korea., p.110.
d) Belov S., Mikhalov N., Vyazilov E. A model of the distributed marine information resources - approaches and decisions // ICES-IOC Study Group on the Development of Marine Data Exchange Systems using XML, Gothenburg, Sweden 26?27 May 2003. ?.79-100. http://www.ices.dk/reports/OCC/2003/SGXML03.pdf
e) Belov S.V., Vjazilov E.D., Sukhonosov S.V. ?The experience in using XML for a wide ranges of metadata objects?//International conference. Brussels, Belgium. 25-27 November 2002, p.18.

Group(s): IODE , IODE/JCOMM ETDMP Members , IODE Officers , JCOMM , Management Committee (MAN) , Data Management Programme Area (DMPA) , The JCOMM Data Management Coordination Group (DMCG) , The Expert Team on Data Management Practices (ETDMP) , IODE SG-ODP , ODP , SG-OceanKnowledge (OKn) , IWG-IODE_Structure , OceanKnowledge (OKn) Technical Sub-committee
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