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Details of Professor Dr. Mehmet Ali CANYURT   


Gender male
Job title Professor
Department Aquaculture Department
Ege University, Faculty of Fisheries ( EU SUFAK)
Temel Bilimler Bornova 35100
Ege University, Faculty of Fisheries, Bornova-Izmir,
Tel +90 542 451 9797
Fax +90 232 388 3685
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Degree PhD, Professor Dr
Job type Teaching/Education , Research , Technical Advice & Consulting
Research Area(s) Fisheries, Aquaculture , Pollution , Fisheries, Aquaculture , Pollution
Research Activities Research and Education in Aquaculture

Recherches et education en aquaculture
Research Region 14, 2, 3, 36
Skills/Expertise Aquaculture, Sustainable Aquaculture, Trout farming
PUBLICATIONS (as reported by Professor Dr. Mehmet Ali CANYURT)

1. CANYURT, M.A., 1974. Elevages Comparatifs de Saumon de Repeuplement (Salmo salar L.), I.N.R.A., Biarritz, 43 p. 2. CANYURT, M.A., 1976. Etude de la Production et de la Qualité de Jeunes Saumons Atlantiques (Salmo salar L.) de Repeuplement Elevés Dans Différents Milieux Université Paul-Sabatier, Toulouse, Thèse de 3 ème Cycle ,126p. 3. CANYURT, M.A., 1976. Etude de Quelques Paramètres Concernant l'Elevage de Jeunes Saumons (Salmo salar L.). Bull. Cent. Etud. Rech. Sci. Biarritz, 11(2) :95-197. 4- CANYURT, M.A., 1984. Action Toxique du Lindane et du Parathion Mèthyl Sur Trois Espèces de Poissons d'Eau Douce. Bull. Cent. Etud. Rech. Sci. Biarritz, 14(3-4): 257-262, Biarritz 5- CANYURT, M.A,. 1989. A Study On The Acute Toxicity Of Herbicides on Some Freshwater Fish Species. International Symposium On Plants And Pollutants In Developed And Developing Countries. 22-28 August, Ýzmir, TURKEY. 6- KOYDON, S., SASTRILLO, A. S., VILLAGRAN, E., RAVICHANDRAN, V., JHU, J., CANYURT, M. A.,1997. Evaluation of Water Management Techniques to Mitigate Adverse Environmental Impact of Intensive Aquaculture in Some Developing Countries. International Workshop On Intensive Aquaculture Farming, March 12-April 16, 1997, Cinadco, Shefayim, Israel. 7- FOROUDI, F., CANYURT, M. A., 1999. Caviar Production Stages and the Nutritional Value. Animal Husbandry Congress'99, 21-24 September 1999, Ege University, Faculty of Agriculture, pp: 661-665. Ýzmir. 8-. CANYURT, M., A., 2005. The Development of Aquaculture in Turkey. 11. International Scientific Conference- Research For Rural Development 2005. Latvia University of Agriculture, 18-21 May 2005, Jelgava, Latvia. 9- FOROUDI, F., CANYURT, M.A., KARKOODI, K., 2006. A Study on the Integrated Farming of Beijing Duck (Anas platyrhynchos) and Silver Carp (Hypophthalmichthys molitrix). 10- CANYURT, M. A., 2006. The Importance of Aquaculture in The Southeastern Anatolia Project (GAP) in Turkey. . 12. International Scientific Conference- Research For Rural Development 2006. Latvia University of Agriculture, 17-21 May 2006, Jelgava, Latvia.

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