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Details of dr Thameur Chaibi   


Gender male
Job title Senior Researcher
Department Water Resources and Rural Management
National Institute for Research in Rural Engineering Water and Forestry ( INRGREF)
BP 10 Rue Hédi Karray – Menzeh IV Tunis - Ariana 2080
Regions Mediterranean Sea - Western Basin
Tel +216 21 02 07 03
Fax +216 71 717 951
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Website http://twas.ictp.it/news-in-home-page/news/sun-ripened-water
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Degree PhD
Job type Research , Natural Resource Management , Technical Advice & Consulting
Research Area(s) Climatology, Meteorology , Climatology, Meteorology
Research Activities - Renewable energies use in rural areas especially solar thermal applications. - Energy efficiency management. - Valorisation of geothermal energy in agriculture sector. - Water desalination based on renewable energies - Integrated water resources management in arid areas conditions

- Les applications des énergies renouvelables dans le monde rural particulièrement les applications thermiques de l�énergie solaire - Gestion et maîtrise de l'énergie. - Valorisation de l�énergie géothermale dans le secteur agricole. - Les systèmes de dessalement des eaux basés sur les énergies renouvelables. - La gestion intégrée des ressources en eau dans les conditions arides
Research Region Africa, Middle east, Asia
Skills/Expertise Renewale energy applications, Heat and mass transfer, Systems analysis, Solar engineering, Computer simulation solar processes, Horticulture Building, Environment physics, Rural and Environment Management.

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