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Details of Biologyst José MARJ Mariscal-romero   


Gender male
Regions Black Sea
Tel (335)563-30
Fax (335)563-31
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Degree Master in Sciences. Aquatic biology
Research Activities I am be able to: Analisys of Marine and estuarine assemblages trought multivariate methods. Designs samplings, tecnichs sampling in some environments(Continental shelf, estauries and costal lagoon. Taxonomy and identification of Eastern Pacific Fishes, Fisheries management (growth, gonadal development, recruitment) models. I too had been participated in protection of habitat of gravids females sea turtles and had realized some works of eggs management for increasing his hatchlings. Five years ago, I have been participating in evaluation of coastal resources (aquatic and terrestrial) for thats have been included in a planning of a integral management of coastal zone (IMCZ), at the Mexican states of Jalisco and Colima. Six years ago too I had been worked for a Mexican Governamental agency Mexican (SEDUE) and from 11 years ago have been worked teach Aquatic Ecology at the Univerity of Guadalajara.

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