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Details of Mr Loic Petit de la Villeon   


Gender male
Job title Head of Sismer -French NODC-
Department SISMER
French Institute for the Exploitation of the Sea, IFREMER Centre de Brest ( IFREMER/SISMER)
Z.I. Pointe du Diable CS10070 Plouzané 29280
Tel +33-2-98 22 49 13
Fax +33-2-98 22 46 44
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Job type Data Management
Research Area(s) Research Support Services , Research Support Services

Group(s): IODE , IODE National Coordinator for Oceanographic Data Management , Observations Programme Area (OPA) , Ship Observations Team (SOT) , Data Management Programme Area (DMPA) , IODE SG-GTSPP , IODE WG-QMF , IWG-IODE_Structure , IODE SG-GOSUD
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