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Details of Dr. Lars Nerger   


Gender male
Job title Senior Research Scientist
Department Computing Center
Alfred Wegener Institute for Polar and Marine Research, Bremerhaven Am Handelshafen 12 P.O. Box 12 01 61
Regions Sea of Azov
Tel +49 471 48311558
Fax +49 471 48311590
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Website http://www.awi.de, http://pdaf.awi.de
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Degree PhD
Job type Research
Research Area(s) Physical Oceanography , Research Support Services , Physical Oceanography , Research Support Services
Research Activities Data assimilation into ocean and coupled ocean-biogeochemical models; development of assimilation algorithms
Research Region 102
Skills/Expertise Data assimilation algorithms; Application of data assimilation to physical and biogeochemical systems
PUBLICATIONS (as reported by Dr. Lars NERGER)

Nerger, L., Hiller, W. (2013). Software for Ensemble-based Data Assimilation Systems - Implementation Strategies and Scalability. Computers and Geosciences, 55, 110-118. ?doi:10.1016/j.cageo.2012.03.026
Nerger, L., Janjic, T., Schröter, J., Hiller, W. (2012). A unification of ensemble square root Kalman filters. Monthly Weather Review, 140, 2335-2345. ?doi:10.1175/MWR-D-11-00102.1
Losa, S.N., Danilov, S., Schröter, J., Nerger, L., Massmann, S., Janssen, F. (2012). Assimilating NOAA SST data into the BSH operational circulation model for the North and Baltic Seas: Inference about the data. Journal of Marine Systems, 105-108, pp. 152-162. ?doi:10.1016/j.jmarsys.2012.07.008
Nerger, L., Janjic, T., Schröter, J., Hiller, W. (2012). A regulated localization scheme for ensemble-based Kalman filters. Quarterly Journal of the Royal Meteorological Society, 138, 802-812. ?doi:10.1002/qj.945
T. Janjic, L. Nerger, A. Albertella, J. Schroeter, and S. Skachko. On domain localization in ensemble based Kalman fi lter algorithms. Mon. Wea. Rev., (2011), doi:10.1175/2011MWR3552.1
L. Nerger and W. W. Gregg. Improving Assimilation of SeaWiFS Data by the Application of Bias Correction with a Local SEIK Filter. J. Mar. Syst., 73 (2008), 87-102
Nerger, L., S. Danilov, G. Kivman, W. Hiller, and J. Schroeter. Data Assimilation with the Ensemble Kalman Filter and the SEIK Filter applied to a Finite Element Model of the North Atlantic. J. Mar. Syst., 65(2007), 288-298
L. Nerger and W. W. Gregg. Assimilation of SeaWiFS Data into a Global Oceanbiogeochemical Model using a local SEIK lter. J. Mar. Syst., 68(2007), 237-254
L. Nerger, S. Danilov, W. Hiller, and J. Schroeter. Using sea level data to constrain a nite-element primitive-equation ocean model with a local SEIK filter. Ocean Dynamics 56 (2006), 634-649
Nerger, L., W. Hiller, and J. Schroeter. A comparison of error subspace Kalman filters. Tellus 57A(2005) 715-735
Nerger, L., W. Hiller, and J. Schroeter. PDAF - The Parallel Data Assimilation Framework: Experiences with Kalman filtering. In Use of High Performance Computing in Meteorology- Proceedings of the 11. ECMWF Workshop, October 25-29, Reading, UK, World Scientific, Singapure, 2005, pp. 63-83

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