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Details of Dr. hab. Witold Szczucinski   


Gender male
Job title professor
Department Institute of Geology
Adam Mickiewicz University, Faculty of Geographical and Geological Sciences ( UMA)
Collegium Geologicum ul. Maków Polnych 16 Poznañ 61 606
Nationality Poland
Tel 00 48 61 829 6025
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Degree PhD habilitation
Job type Teaching/Education , Research
Research Area(s) Marine Geology, Geophysics , Pollution , Marine Geology, Geophysics , Pollution
Research Activities studies of sedimentary record of environmental/climate changes; assessment of sediment accumulation rates (210Pb, 137Cs, sediment traps); geological and environmental impacts of tsunami and storms
Research Region 49, 25, 86, 18, 30, 15, 36, 72, 70, 53, 85
Working languages Polish, English
Skills/Expertise sedimentology, geochemistry, geohazards, marine geology
PUBLICATIONS (as reported by Dr. hab. Witold SZCZUCINSKI)

Szczuciński, W. [2011] The post-depositional changes of the onshore 2004 tsunami deposits on the Andaman Sea coast of Thailand. Natural Hazards doi: 10.1007/s11069-011-9956-8
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Zajączkowski, M., Szczuciński, W., Plessen, B., Jernas, P. [2010] Benthic foraminifera in Hornsund, Svalbard: Implications for paleoenvironmental reconstructions. Polish Polar Research 31(4):349-375.
Zajączkowski, M., Darecki, M., Szczuciński, W. [2010] Report on the development of the Vistula river plume in the coastal waters of the Gulf of Gdańsk during the May 2010 flood. Oceanologia 52(2):311-317.
Kokocinski, M., Szczucinski, W., Zgrundo, A., Ibragimow, A. [2009] Diatom assemblages in 26 December 2004 tsunami deposits from coastal zone of Thailand as sediment provenance indicators. Polish Journal of Environmental Studies, 18, 93-101
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Szczucinski W., Niedzielski P., Kozak L., Frankowski M., Ziola A., Lorenc S. [2007] Effects of rainy season on mobilization of contaminants from tsunami deposits left in a coastal zone of Thailand by the 26 December 2004 tsunami. Environmental Geology, 53, 253-264
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