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Details of Independent Research Meribeth Ratzel   


Gender female
Regions Sea of Azov
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Job type Research
Research Area(s) Research Support Services , Research Support Services
Research Region Northwest Atlantic, Cape Cod Bay
Skills/Expertise Socioeconomics in Fisheries at Independent Research, Fish Locally Collaborative * Woods Hole Marine Policy * MIT Sea Grant (Herring)
PUBLICATIONS (as reported by Independent Research Meribeth RATZEL)

A FRAMEWORK FOR ESTIMATING THE ECONOMIC IMPACTS OF RED TIDE CLOSURES ON YIELDS OF MOLLUSCAN (BIVALVE) SHELLFISH IN COASTAL MAINE P. Hoagland*, D. Jin, H.L. Kite-Powell, M. Ratzel, and R. Jin Marine Policy Center Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution Woods Hole, MA 02543 (in progress)

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