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Details of Mrs Griet Casteleyn   


Gender female
Job title PhD
Department Protistology and aquatic ecology
Krijgslaan 281 S8
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Degree PhD
Job type Research
Research Activities - Species structure and biogeography of Pseudo-nitzschia pungens (population genetics worldwide) - use of algae to clean waste streams
PUBLICATIONS (as reported by Mrs Griet CASTELEYN)

Casteleyn G, Evans KM, Backeljau T, D?hondt S, Chepurnov VA, Sabbe K, Vyverman W (2009) Lack of population genetic structuring in the marine planktonic diatom Pseudo-nitzschia pungens (Bacillariophyceae) in a heterogeneous area in the Southern Bight of the North Sea. Marine Biology 156: 1149?1158
Churro CI, Carreira CC, Rodrigues FJ, Craveiro SC, Calado AJ, Casteleyn G, Lundholm N (2009) Diversity and abundance of potentially toxic Pseudo-nitzschia Peragallo in Aveiro coastal lagoon, Portugal and description of a new variety, P. pungens var. aveirensis var. nov. Diatom Research 24: 35?62
Casteleyn G, Adams NG, Vanormelingen P, Debeer AE, Sabbe K and Vyverman W (2009) Natural hybrids in the marine diatom Pseudo-nitzschia pungens (Bacillariophyceae): genetic and morphological evidence. Protist 160: 343?354
Casteleyn G, Chepurnov VA, Leliaert F, Mann DG, Bates SS, Lundholm N, Rhodes L, Sabbe K, Vyverman W (2008) Pseudo-nitzschia pungens (Bacillariophyceae): a cosmopolitan diatom species? Harmful Algae 7: 241-257
Chepurnov V.A., Mann D. G., Sabbe K., Vannerum K., Casteleyn G., Verleyen E., Peperzak L. & Vyverman W. 2005. Sexual reproduction, mating system, chloroplast dynamics and abrupt cell size reduction in Pseudo-nitzschia pungens from the North Sea (Bacillariophyta). Eur. J. Phycol., 40: 379-395.
Casteleyn, G., Leliaert, F. Backeljau, T. Debeer, AE., Kotaki, Y., Rhodes, L., Lundholm, N., Sabbe, K., Vyverman, W. Limits to gene flow in a cosmopolitan marine planktonic diatom Proceedings Of The National Academy Of Sciences Of The United States Of America 107:12952-12957

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