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Details of Mr. Mikhail O. Son   


Gender male
Job title Junior Researcher
37 Pushkinskaya, 65011 Odessa
Tel (0482)359432
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Website http://malacologukraine.narod.ru/Eng/mikhail-o-son.htm
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PUBLICATIONS (as reported by Mr. Mikhail SON)

Voloshkevitch E.V., Son M.O. [2002] Corbicula fluminalis - a new species of bivalve mollusk for Ukrainian fauna Vestnik zool. 36, N. 6. 94 (in Russian) Son M. O. [2005] Molluscs of genus Theodoxus Montfort, 1810 (Gastropoda, Neritidae) of Ukrainian Black Sea Coast and hypothesis of its descent in Black Sea bays Molluscs, Quaternary, faunal changes and environmental dynamics. Symposium on occasion of 80th birthdays of Vojen Lozek, Prague, 31. Son, M. O. [2007] Invasive mollusks (Mollusca, Bivalvia, Gastropoda) in the Danube Delta Vestnik zool., – 41, 213-218 (in Russian) Son, M. O. [2007] North American freshwater limpet Ferrissia fragilis (Tryon, 1863) – the cryptic invader in the Northern Black Sea Region Aquatic Invasions, 2, 55-58 Son M. O. [2007] Native range of the zebra mussel and quagga mussel and new data on their invasions within the Ponto-Caspian Region Aquatic Invasions, 2, 174-184. Aleksandrov, B., Boltachev, A., Kharchenko, T., Lyashenko, A., Son, M., Tsarenko, P., Zhukinsky, V. [2007] Trends of aquatic alien species invasion in Ukraine Aquatic Invasions, 2, 215-242 Son M. O. [2007] Invasive molluscs in fresh and brackish waters of the Northern Black Sea Region Odessa, Druk LTD, 132 p (in Russian) Son M. O. [2008] Rapid expansion of the New Zealand mud snail Potamopyrgus antipodarum (Gray, 1843) in the Azov-Black Sea Region Aquatic Invasions, 3, 335-340. Filippenko, D. P., Son, M. O. [2008] The New Zealand mud snail Potamopyrgus antipodarum (Gray, 1843) is colonising the artificial lakes of Kaliningrad City, Russia (Baltic Sea Coast) Aquatic Invasions, 3, 345-347. Son, M. O., Nabozhenko, M. V., Shokhin, I. V. [2008] The Don River Basin is a new stage of expansion of Potamopyrgus jenkinsi (Smith, 1889) (Gastropoda, Hydrobioidea) in Europe Doklady Biological Sciences, 419, 129–130. Arbačiauskas, K., Semenchenko, V., Grabowski, M., Leuven, R. S. E. W., Paunović, M., Son, M. O., Csányi, B., Gumuliauskaitė, S., Konopacka, A., Nehring, S., van der Velde, G., Vezhnovetz, V., Panov, V. E. [2008] Assessment of biocontamination of benthic macroinvertebrate communities in European inland waterways Aquatic Invasions, 3, 211-230. Panov, V. E., Alexandrov, B., Arbaciauskas, K., Binimelis, R., Copp, G. H., Grabowski, M., Lucy, F., Leuven, R. S.E.W., Nehring, S., Paunovic, M., Semenchenko, V., Son, M. O. [2009] Assessing the risks of aquatic species invasions via European inland waterways: from concepts to environmental indicators Integrated Environmental Assessment and Management, 5, 110-126.

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