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Details of Dr Alberto Puddu   


Gender male
Job title senior researcher
Department Water Quality
Istituto di Ricerca sulle Acque - CNR, Roma ( CNR-IRSA)
Via Reno 1 Roma 00198
Via Reno 1, 00198 Roma
Tel +39068841451
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Website http://irsa.cnr.it
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Degree laurea
Job type Research
Research Area(s) Biological Oceanography, Marine Ecology , Pollution , Biological Oceanography, Marine Ecology , Pollution
Research Activities eutrophication, carbon cycle, bacterial communities activity and structure, in marine and freswater ecosystems

french, spanish
Research Region 2, 3
Skills/Expertise microbial ecology
PUBLICATIONS (as reported by Dr Alberto PUDDU)

Ademollo N., Capri S., Froebrich J., Patrolecco L., Polesello S., Puddu A., Rusconi M., Valsecchi S. 2011 Fate and monitoring of hazardous substances in temporary rivers. Trends in Analytical Chemistry, 30, 8, 1222-1232
Zoppini A., Amalfitano S., Fazi A. Puddu A. 2010 Dynamics of a benthic microbial community in a riverine environment subject to hydrological fluctuations (Mulargia River, Italy). Hydrobiologia, 657, 37–51
Puddu A., Monticelli L.S., Danovato R. 2010 Determinazione della produzione eterotrofa procariotica planctonica. Metodi nell'Ecologia del Plancton Marino. Ed. Società Italiana di Biologia Marina, 175-182
Amalfitano S., Fazi S., A., Puddu A. 2009 Flow cytometric analysis of benthic prokaryotes attached to sediment particles. J. of Microbiological Methods, 79, 246-249
Amalfitano S., Fazi S., Zoppini A., Barra Caracciolo A., Grenni P., Puddu A. 2008 Responses of benthic bacteria to experimental drying in sediments from Mediterranean temporary rivers. Microbial Ecology, 55: 270-279
Puddu A., Zoppini A. and Pettine M. [2000] Dissolved organic matter and microbial food web interactions in the marine environment: the case of the Adriatic Sea. Int. J. Environ. and Poll., 13/1-6: 473-494 Pettine M., Capri S., Farrace M.G., Manganelli M., Patrolecco L., Puddu A. and Zoppini A. [2002] Variability of dissolved organic matter in northern Adriatic coastal waters. Chemistry and Ecology 18: 13-25 Puddu A., Zoppini A., Fazi S., Rosati M., Amalfitano S. and Magaletti E. [2003] Bacterial uptake of DOM released from P-limited phytoplankton. FEMS Microb. Ecol. 46: 257-268 Zoppini A., Puddu A., Fazi S., Rosati M., and Sist P. [2005] Extracellular enzyme activity and bacterial dynamics on mucilaginous aggregates from the Northern Adriatic Sea. Sc. Total Environ. 353: 270? 286 Fazi S., Amalfitano S., Pernthaler J. and Puddu A. [2005] Bacterial communities associated with benthic organic matter in headwater stream microhabitats. Environmental Microbiology 7(10): 1633?1640
Fazi S., Amalfitano S., Piccini P., Zoppini A., Puddu A., Pernthaler J. 2008 Colonization of overlaying water by bacteria from dry river sediments. Environmental Microbiology, 10(10): 2760-2772

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