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Details of Dr. Peter Becker   


Gender male
PO Box 2978, Sequim, WA 98382-2978 USA
Regions Sea of Azov
Tel 360-790-5770
Fax 360-417-9294
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Website http://www.olympicaquafarms.com, http://www.pacaqua.org
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Research Activities Aquaculture management, business development and applied research
Skills/Expertise Aquaculture modeling, aquaculture systems development,Aquaculture management. Diving:nitrox- air- surface supply and scuba, diving management, Demolition and under water construction; Photography: land, under water, studio, field, Pole to pole. Physical oceanography, oceanographic instrumentation, ship operations, small craft operation to 100' sail or power. Shipbuilding : wood, fiberglass or steel, sail or power. Welding, machine work, rigging, construction: heavy machine operation, demolition, construction: wood, concrete and steel. Food science and product development from concept to marketing.
Comments Have passport will travel: looking for new opportunities. CV available on request
PUBLICATIONS (as reported by Dr. Peter BECKER)

Becker, Peter.[2010] Trends in Energy Use in Aquaculture: Ancient Chinese Fish Ponds to Modern Integrated Multi Trophic Aquaculture Systems...and beyond. Energy Use in Fisheries: Improving Efficiency and Technological Innovations from a Global Perspective November 14-17, 2010. Seattle, Washington, USA
Becker, P., C. M. Barringer and E. A. Bishop [2004] A SUCCESSFUL MANAGEMENT PLAN FOR A MANILA CLAM Tapes philipinarium FARM IN SOUTHERN PUGET SOUND: 1978-2003. Proceedings Aquaculture 2004, World Aquaculture Society, Honolulu, HI
Paluszkiewicz, T. L. F. Hibler, P. Becker, A. F. Mandych, M. C. Richmond and S. A. Thomas (1997) An assessment of the flux of 90-Sr contamination through the Ob' River and estuary to the Kara sea. The Science of the Total Environment 202, 43-56. Becker, P. , S. A. Thomas and R. A. Elston (1996) A Natural Heritage Plan for Biological Diversity in the North American Great Lakes Ecosystem: Lessons and Application to the Black Sea Region in Conservation of the Biological Diversity as a Prerequisite for Sustainable Development in the Black Sea Region, V. Kotlyakov, M. Uppenbrink and V Metreveli Eds. NATO ASI Series, Kluwer Academic Publishers, Dordrecht, Netherlands Becker. P., and G. Björk (1995) Residence times in the upper Arctic Ocean. Journal of Geophysical Research, 101, ( C12), 28,377-28-396. Garrison, G.R., and P. Becker (1976) The Barrow Canyon: a drain for the Chukchi Sea. Journal of Geophysical Research 81 (24): 4445-4453.
Atkinson, L.P., P. Becker, and S. Wu (1991) Nutrient supplies to shelves during winter storms: GALE, EOS 71 (17): 65. Glock, J., E. Hurlburt, P. Becker, and M. Kyte (1978) A management program for a clam farm in southern Puget Sound, National Shellfish Association - Pacific Coast Oyster Growers Association Meeting Proceedings
Becker, P. (1983) Out of and into the 80's - the American shellfish industry, 1980-1983, Oceans 83 Proceedings, IEEE Conference on Engineering in the Ocean Environment

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