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Details of Mr. Robin W. A. Rodger   


Gender male
Job title President
Nova Scotia
B3J 3S1
Nationality Canada
Tel 902-425-1320
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Website http://www.MarketResearchAssociates.com, http://www.cmpPublications.com
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Degree MBA
Job type Research
Research Area(s) Fisheries, Aquaculture , Research Support Services , Fisheries, Aquaculture , Research Support Services
Research Activities Author of books on North America's commercial species (fishes/shellfishes, wild/farmed, marine/freshwater). Introduction and a 2-page overview of each species totaling 99% of production (by value) including economic, scientific and statistical information. 3rd edition published 2012.
Research Region 36, 72
Working languages English
Skills/Expertise Researcher/Author/Publisher of fisheries and marine reports, books
PUBLICATIONS (as reported by Mr. Robin RODGER)

RECENT PROJECT INVOLVEMENTS: ● 2011 ? ACOA-IBDA Analysis of Promising Economic Sectors (including Marine Tech) ● 2010 ? Atlantic Region Shippers? Directory (HPA and HSIA) ? survey subcontract ● 2010 ? Lobster Long Term Market Strategy (LCC) ? market analysis subcontract ● 2010 ? Canadian Shrimp Product International Market Demand (CAPP) - subcontract ● 2010 ? Subsea Consulting National/International Market Demand (SIC) ? Proj. Leader ● 2009 ? Cape Breton Marina Project (Feasibility of a New Marina) ? Proj. Leader ● 2009 ? FDI Study Sectors: Port Development/ Int?l Shipping, LNG/Gas Pipeline?Pjt. Ldr ● 2009 ? FDI Study Sectors: Tidal Energy/Coalbed Methane, Fabrication ? subcontract ● 2008 ? Offshore Industries Global Market Strategy (DOE) ? Proj. Leader ● 2008 ? Port of Halifax Farmers? Market ? Survey and Demand Projections ? Proj. Leader ● 2008 ? Atlantic Marine Engineering & Construction Sector Study (DFO) ? Proj. Leader Rodger, R.W. and von Zharen, W., 2011. The Fisheries of the United States and Canada. Halifax: Canadian Marine Publications (in-progress) Rodger, R.W., Author/Project Leader, 2007. Salt Fish International Market Study (DOF)
- Rodger, R.W., 2006. The Fisheries of North America: An Illustrated Guide to Commercial Species, Halifax: Canadian Marine Publications. ISBN: 9693595-9-4 (http://www.marketresearchassociates.com/The_Fisheries_of_North_America_Description.htm) - Rodger, R.W., 1995. Nova Scotia Strategy for the Export of Agri-food Products to New England, Published by the Nova Scotia Dept. of Agriculture and Marketing (NSDAM), (available for purchase from NSDAM). - Rodger, R.W., 1991. Fish Facts: An Illustrated Guide to Commercial Species, Van Nostrand Reinhold, NY, NY. ISBN 4420054-3-1 (out-of-print) - Rodger, R.W., 1990, 1988, 1986. Canadian Fish and Shellfish Exporters Directory, 3 editions for Dept. of Foreign Affairs and International Trade, Canada. (out-of-print) -Rodger, R.W., 1989, 1984. Canadian Fisheries and Ocean Industries Marketing Directory, 2 editions by Market Research Associates Ltd. (publisher and editor) (out-of-print) -Rodger, R.W., 1982. The 1982 Grand Banks Exploratory Scallop Survey (18 min. video documentary of the survey produced for DFO - NL). - Rodger, R. W. and Davis, N.D., Dec. 1982. Exploratory Grand Banks Scallop Survey, Canadian Industry Report of Fisheries and Aquatic Sciences (No. 137) DFO. - Rodger, R.W., Nov. 1981. A Study to Assess the Market for Scallop Roe for Canadian Fishermen, Project 33, Published by The DFO Fisheries Development Branch, Scotia Fundy Region. - Rodger, R.W., Nov. 1991. World Fisheries Map and Database, published by ICOD, Halifax, NS. (out-of-print)

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