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Details of Dr.sc. Sanda Skejic   


Gender female
Department Laboratory of plankton and shellfish toxicity
Institute of Oceanography and Fisheries Croatia ( IOF)
Šetalište I. Meštrovića 63 Split 21000
Institute of Oceanography and Fisheries Croatia Šetalište I. Meštrovića 63
Regions Sea of Marmara
Tel +385 21 408 000
Fax +385 21 3580650
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Website http://www.izor.hr
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Degree PhD
Job type Research
Research Area(s) Biological Oceanography, Marine Ecology , Biological Oceanography, Marine Ecology
Research Activities Biology and ecology of phytoplankton; toxic phytoplankton species,shellfish toxicity, effects of cage fish farming to water column biota end environmental parameters
Research Region 81
PUBLICATIONS (as reported by Dr.sc. Sanda SKEJIC)

Davenport, J., Ezgeta-Balić, D., Peharda, M., Skejić, S., Ninčević Gladan, Ž., Matijević, S. (2011) Size-differential feeding in Pinna nobilis L. (Mollusca: Bivalvia): exploitation of detritus, phytoplankton and zooplankton. Estuarine, coastal and shelf science, 92: 246-254. Ninčević Gladan Ž., Ujević I., Milandri A., Marasović I., Ceredi A., Pigozzi S., Arapov J., Skejić S. (2011) Lipophilic Toxin Profile in Mytilus galloprovincialis during Episodes of Diarrhetic Shellfish Poisoning (DSP) in the N.E. Adriatic Sea in 2006. Molecules, 16: 888-899. Ujević I., Ninčević Gladan Ž., Roje R., Skejić S., Arapov J., Marasović I. (2010) Domoic acid – a new toxin in the Croatian Adriatic shellfish toxin profile. Molecules, 15: 6835-6849. Ninčević Gladan, Ž., Marasović, I., Grbec, B., Skejić, S., Bužančić, M., Kušpilić, G., Matijević, S., Matić, F. (2009) Inter-decadal variability in phytoplankton community in the Middle Adriatic (Kaštela Bay) in relation to the North Atlantic Oscillation. Estuaries and coasts, 33: 376-383. Ninčević Gladan, Ž., Skejić, S., Bužančić, M., Marasović, I., Arapov, J., Ujević, I., Bojanić, N., Grbec, B., Kušpilić, G., Vidjak, O. (2008) Seasonal variability in Dinophysis spp. abundance and DSP outbreaks along the eastern Adriatic coast. Botanica marina, 51: 449-463. Marasović, I., Ninčević, Ž., Kušpilić, G., Marinović, S., Marinov, S. (2005) Long term changes of basic biological and chemical parameters at two station in the middle Adriatic. Journal of Sea Research, 54: 3-14. Skejić, S., Marinović, S., Ninčević Gladan, Ž., Marasović, I. (2006) Shellfish toxicity recorded during monitoring programme on Croatian shellfish farms during 2001. In: Proceedings of 5th International Conference on Molluscan Shellfish Safety. Henshiwood, K, Deegan, B., McMahon, T., Cusac, C., Keaveney, S., Silke, J., O'Cinneide, M., Lyons, D., Hess, P. (eds) The Marine Institute Rinville, Galway, 215-223. Ninčević Gladan, Ž., Ujević, I., Milandri, A., Marasović, I., Ceredi, A., Pegozzi, S., Arapov, J., Skejić, S., Orhanović, S., Isajlović, I. (2010) Is Yessotoxin the Main Phycotoxin in Croatian waters? Marine Drugs, 8: 460-470. Matijević, S., Kušpilić, G., Morović, M., Grbec, B., Bognar, D., Skejić, S., Veža, J. (2009) Physical and chemical properties of the water column and sediments at sea bass/sea bream farm in the middle Adriatic (Maslinova Bay). Acta Adriatica, 50: 59-76. Marasović, I., Ninčević Gladan Ž., Skejić, S., Grbec, B., Bužančić M., Ujević, I. (2007) Temporal distribution of Dinophysis spp in relation to DSP shellfish toxicity. International Journal of Environment and Health, 1: 493-506. Ninčević Gladan, Ž., Skejić, S., Marasović, I., Žuljević, A. (2006) First record of the Ceratoperidinium yeye in the Adriatic Sea. Acta Adriatica, 47: 207-210. (IF=0,47) Tičina, V., Katavić, I., Dadić, V., Marasović, I., Kršinić, F., Grbec, B., Kušpilić, G., Cetinić, P., Ninčević, Ž., Matić Skoko, S., Franičević, M., Soldo, A, Vidjak, O., Emrić Tičina,V., Bojanić, D., Marinov, S., Matić, F. (2006) Acoustic estimates of small pelagic fish stocks in the eastern part of the Adriatic Sea. Biologia Marina Mediterranea, 13: 124-136. Skejić, S., Ninčević Gladan, Ž., Marasović, I. (2004) Pseliodinium vaubanii-an organism introduced into the Adriatic sea by ballast waters. Rapport du 37e Congres de la Ciesm 37, 440-440. Ninčević Gladan, Ž., Marasović, Ž., Kušpilić, G., Marinović, S., Skejić, S. (2004) A mucilaginous diatom bloom in the middle Adriatic. Rapport du 37e Congres de la Ciesm 37, 409-409.
Skejic, S, Marasovic, I., Vidjek, O., Kuspilic, G., Nincevic Gladan, Z., Sestanovic, S. and N. Bojanic (2011) Effects of cage fish farming on phytoplankton community structure, biomass and primary production in an aquaculture area in the middle Adriatic sea,42, 1393-1405.

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