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Details of Dr. Charlotte de Fontaubert   


Gender female
Job title Senior Marine Advisor
IUCN World Conservation Union
United States
Regions Sea of Azov
Tel +1-202-460-6594
Fax +1-202-387-4823
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Degree Ph.D., M.Sc.
Job type Natural Resource Management
Research Area(s) Fisheries, Aquaculture , Fisheries, Aquaculture
Research Activities Establishment and management of marine protected areas (MPAs). Fisheries management.
Research Region Kenya, Tanzania, Somalia, Madagascar, Morocco, Djibouti, Mauritania,Turks and Ca
Skills/Expertise 20 years of marine conservation experience ranging from field research to international diplomacy. Expertise in Marine Protected Areas management, fisheries, and rural development
PUBLICATIONS (as reported by Dr. Charlotte DE FONTAUBERT)

Charlotte de Fontaubert, Development of General Management Plans for the Marine Protected Areas of the Turks and Caicos Islands. 2005. Proceedings of the Gulf and Caribbean Fisheries Institute 58:307-310.
Lockhart, K., C. De Fontaubert, and W. Clerveaux. 2005. Fisheries of the Turks and Caicos Islands: Status and Threats. Proceedings of the Gulf and Caribbean Fisheries Institute. 58:67-72.
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A. Charlotte de Fontaubert, The Convention for the Prevention of Fishing with Long Driftnets in the South Pacific. Oxford University Press Encyclopedia of Global Change, 2001
A. Charlotte de Fontaubert, A Toolkit for Marine Protected Area Managers in East Africa: Concept and Options. Prepared for the East African Regional Office of IUCN, February, 2002
A. Charlotte de Fontaubert and Indrani Lutchman, Achieving Sustainable Fisheries: Implementing the New International Legal Regime. IUCN, Gland and Cambridge, 2003
A. Charlotte de Fontaubert, Overview of the Legal Framework Concerning the Somali Coastal and Marine Environment. Report on the UN Mission on the Protection and Sustainable Development of Somalia Marine Environment, Seaports and Coastal Areas. IUCN Eastern Africa Programme, 1998
A. Charlotte de Fontaubert, Trans-boundary MPAs: Opportunities and legal and political obstacles: the case of Mnazi Bay, Tanzania and Quirimbas, Mozambique, presented at the first International MPA Congress, October 2005
A. Charlotte de Fontaubert, The UN Agreement on Straddling Fish Stocks and Highly Migratory Fish Stocks. Oxford University Press Encyclopedia of Global Change, 2001
A. Charlotte de Fontaubert, David R. Downes, and Tundi S. Agardy, Biodiversity in the Seas: Implementing the Convention on Biological Diversity in Marine and Coastal Habitats, IUCN, Gland, 1996
A. Charlotte de Fontaubert, with Tundi Agardy, Critical Analysis of the Protocol on Specially Protected Areas and Wildlife to the Cartagena Convention: the Dilemma of Regional Cooperation. University of Miami Inter American Law Review 30:85-98, 1998

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