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Details of Mr. Claudio Serangeli   


Gender male
Job title Managing Director
Via Duse 5, 00197 Roma
Tel +393463646507
Fax +39-06.99804307
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Website http://www.agc98.net
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Degree MSci
Job type Teaching/Education , Decision Making & Policy , Extension Services (Public Awareness) , Technical Advice & Consulting
Research Area(s) Fisheries, Aquaculture , Policy, Law, Economics, Management , Fisheries, Aquaculture , Policy, Law, Economics, Management
Research Activities Project Manager, Socio Ecomomic research in small scale fishery sector. Market analisys. Project formulation.
Skills/Expertise over therty years experience in Fishery, and Marine related projects, studies and programmes 25 years of experience in studies and researches related to Fisheries and Fishery Industry After having taken his degree in biology at the Rome University (vote 110/110 cum laude), presenting an experimental thesis on trawling (published) at the Laboratory of Hydrobiology of the Agriculture and Fishery Ministry, Mr. Serangeli worked on developing research and management of fishery projects within several international organizations and as Team Manager for NGO’s in the field of international cooperation. He was responsible at Greenpeace International for research and the campaign against illegal trawling along the Italian Coast and of the implementation of the campaign against illegal drift-net fishing in the Mediterranean. This assignment included research, lobby and contacts with the EU Officers and on board campaign. He was researcher on the illegal tuna fisheries in the EPO (East Pacific Ocean) and Observer at the IATTC (Inter American Tropical Tuna Commission) after having completed a study on tuna trade routs, with special emphasis on European (Italian and Spanish) markets. He has also coordinated and supervised training courses and seminars concerning in particular the European regulation on food safety and hygiene with particular reference to fishery commerce and sanitarian regulation (EDF Programme). He developed a Vademecum of EU fishery and aquaculture laws that was published in a CD, and coordinated the editing of a catalogue for basic test material for fish inspectors to be used in the daily work in the field (edited in English, French and Portuguese). Former member of “ad hoc” Commissions for the Fishery Directorate of MIPA (Ministry of Agricultural Politics of Italy) on behalf of Professional Associations for the implementation of EU fishery policy and directives of CFP, and other fishery related problems like Sword Fish fisheries (drift nets), implementation of VMS (Vessel Monitoring System) in the Italian Fleet (national and international waters), Common Markets Organisation, etc Author and co-author of several research and studies for the DG FISH of the Commission and EU Parliament in the field of fish and aquaculture institutional related problems. Member of the “ad hoc” panel of experts on the consultation methods of professional organisations for the elaboration of EU regulation and directives and the evaluation of the Community financial contribution towards the control and surveillance operations of Member States. He led the Italian team for the evaluation of the utilization of structural funds by the Italian processing industry on behalf of DG Fish of the EU. Co–author of the study “The regionalisation of the Common Fishery Policy (CFP) and the impact on structural policy and the Multiannual Guidance Programmes (MAGPs) in relation to Agenda 2000 ”. He has a very good knowledge of the EDF procedures and EC funded projects and is familiar with the principals and working methods of project cycle management of the EC (EuropeAid, DG Mare, EU Agencies, CDE, etc). He was appointed by the Subsecreteria de Pesca (Fishery Ministry) of Ecuador as facilitator to the Italian Fishery Minister to develop the cooperation in this sector between the two countries. He was also appointed by the CANPES (Peruvian Fishery Association) as sole representative in Europe. Author of several fishery related publications and promoter of programs in Africa, the Mediterranean area and Latin America. He managed projects in the framework of CDE “ACP/EU joint Institution” in the fields of fisheries and fishery transformation industry as well as training courses and seminars in fishery and fish products quality conformity assessment. He has a good field experience in the West African fishery sector and a broad experience in setting up events in cooperation with EU and Third Countries Official Entities (Ministries, Governmental Entities, etc). He is a Team player.

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