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Details of Dr. Zacharie Sohou   


Gender male
Job title Ph.D. Director /Chercheur/Researcher
Institut de Recherches Halieutiques et Océanologiques du Bénin (Benin Oceanographic and Fisheries Research Centre) IRHOB, ex-CRHOB Akpkpa, Dedokpo
Regions Mediterranean Sea - Western Basin
Nationality Benin
Tel 229-21330420/97072057
Fax 229-21323671
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Website http://www.nodc-benin.org/fr/
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Degree Ph.D
Job type Data Management
Research Area(s) Biological Oceanography, Marine Ecology , Biological Oceanography, Marine Ecology
Research Activities Cetacean monitoring Oceanographic and fisheries data management Marine and coastal management Member of pelagic fish stock assessment group FAO Gulf Of Guinea Page web management

English, Russian Research on pelagic trawl selectivity for capturing some pelagic fish in the Eastern Central Atlantic
Research Region 38
Skills/Expertise - Oceanographic and Fishery data management - Cetacean Monitoring Oceanographic data management Fisheries data management - Member of pelagic fish stock assessment group FAO Gulf Of Guinea
Comments Wok on all topic of coastal and marine area Fish stock assessment
PUBLICATIONS (as reported by Dr. Zacharie SOHOU)

Aman A., Magori C., Sohou Z. & Toulaly E. 2012: Coastal observing system along African coasts: Efforts & progress in sea level and sea surface temperature monitoring. 2012: In Physical Coastal Oceanography in GCLME Region Efforts & Progress in Coastal Observing Systems Along West African Coasts. ISBN 978-3-659-24072-0. pp.59-73.
Melnikov V. N., Sohou Z., 2011 : Particularities of pelagic trawls for fishing in the Eastern Central Atlantic, / ISSN 2073-5529. Vestnik. AGTU. Ser. 2011 fishing. N ���° 2, p. 53-55.
Aman A., Sohou Z., Djiman R., Armah A. K., Folorunsho R., Blivi A. and Bourles B. [September 2008] Physical Oceanography in the Eastern Equatorial Atlantic: efforts & progress in data acquisition and application Window NewsletterVolume 19, Number 1-2, ISSN 1024-4158
Presence of the black tiger shrimp, Penaeus monodon (fabricius, 1798) (crustacea, Penaeidae) in waters of Benin. J. Rech. Sci. University. Lom�© (Togo), 2011, Series A, 13 (1): p. 9-17ISSN 1727 - 8651
Sohou Z. , Dossou-Bodjrenou J., Tchibozo S. , Chabi-Yaouré F., Sinsin B. and Van Waerebeek K. Biodiversity and status of cetaceans in Benin, an initial assessment. West African Journal of Applied Ecology, 121-134

Group(s): IODE , IODE/JCOMM ETDMP Task Team for Ocean Data Standards , MCDS ad hoc review team
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