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Details of Ms. Jorge Correa   


Gender male
Job title Responsible of Department
Department Biotoxins
Instituto Tecnolóxico para o Control do Medio Mariño de Galicia ( INTECMAR)
Peirao de Vilaxoán, s/n Vilagarcía de Arousa 36611
Peirao de Vilaxoán, s/n. 36611. Vilagarcía de Arousa, Pontevedra
Tel 34 986 51 23 20
Fax 34 986 51 23 00
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Website http://www.intecmar.org
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Degree MSci
Job type Extension Services (Public Awareness)
Research Activities PSP, DSP and ASP biotoxins monitoring in the production area of Galicia (NW of Spain). Official analysis of PSP, DSP and ASP biotoxins. Official laboratory for the coastline of Galicia. Administrative reports of the opening or banning of the production areas. Management. Mouse bioassays. HPLC analysis.
Research Region Galicia, NW Spain
Skills/Expertise Marine Biotoxins

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