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Details of Dr Kai Lorenzen   


Gender male
Job title Professor, Integrative Fisheries Science
7922 NW 71st Street
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Website http://www.aquaticresources.org
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Degree PhD, Dipl Biol
Job type Research
Research Activities Fish population biology, fisheries management, fisheries enhancement, aquaculture systems, environmental impacts on biological resources, integrated resource management
Research Region Tropical and sub-tropical coastal and inland waters
Skills/Expertise Population dynamcis, modelling, integrated management
PUBLICATIONS (as reported by Dr Kai LORENZEN)

Nguyen Khoa, S., Lorenzen, K., Garaway, C.J., Chamsinhg, B., Siebert, D. & Randone, M. (2005) Impacts of irrigation on fisheries in rainfed rice farming landscapes. Journal of Applied Ecology 42: 892-900. Lorenzen, K. (2005) Population dynamics and potential of fisheries stock enhancement: practical theory for assessment and policy analysis. Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society of London, Series B. 260: 171-189. Burford, M.A. & Lorenzen, K. (2004) Modelling nitrogen dynamics in intensive aquaculture ponds: the role of sediment remineralization. Aquaculture 229: 129-145. Lorenzen, K. & Enberg, K. (2002) Density-dependent growth as a key mechanism in the regulation of fish populations: evidence from among-population comparisons. Proceedings of the Royal Society of London Series B ? Biological Sciences 269: 49-54.

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