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Details of Mr. Arpit n Deomurari   


Gender male
Job title Consultant
"AVANI" Anand Colony Road No-1 Nr. "Gurukrupa", Opp. "Rushi" Apartment, Vikasgruh Road
Regions Mediterranean Sea - Eastern Basin
Tel +91-9426442243
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Website http://www.wildone.in
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Degree B.E. (Comp), M.Sc. (Eco&Env)
Job type Teaching/Education , Research , Data Management , Information Management & Library , Natural Resource Management , Technical Advice & Consulting
Research Area(s) Biological Oceanography, Marine Ecology , Marine Geology, Geophysics , Climatology, Meteorology , Marine and Coastal Engineering , Pollution , Research Support Services , Biological Oceanography, Marine Ecology , Marine Geology, Geophysics , Climatology, Meteorology , Marine and Coastal Engineering , Pollution , Research Support Services
Research Activities ACHIEVEMENTS ? Worked as a resource person for Forest Department, Marine National Park for designing Marine Natural History Museum and Interpretation Zone. Responsible for arranging and displaying zoological specimens taxonomically, including various species of corals, mollusk, fish and other vertebrates. Also prepared small booklet for museum visitors. ? Helped Jamnagar Municipal Corporation for redesigning old zoo near Ranamal Lake with main focus on providing natural environment in cage for birds and other reptiles. ? Developed Bird Census Information System for storing and analyzing bird census data for effective management of wetlands and avian population. ? Worked as resource person with Forest Department, Marine National Park in Jamnagar District Water Bird Census ? 2003 and 2004 by helping them in census planning, design, entering and collecting data and preparing final reports. ? Worked as resource person with Forest Department, Marine National Park, Jamnagar, Gujarat for Coral reef monitoring program and bio-physical monitoring program of coral reefs since last 4-years. ? Developed a group in Jamnagar for capturing snakes from urban area of Jamnagar city and releasing them into wild afterwards with the help of Honorary Wildlife Warden, Jamnagar. ? Worked extensively as resource person with Forest Department, Marine National Park, Jamnagar, Gujarat as a resource person for preparing various studies and reports. ? Participating in Asian Wetland Census organized by Wetland International, Salim Ali Bird Count organized by Bombay Natural History Society since last 5 years. ? Participate in other Wetland census in Gujarat State like Nal Sarovar Water birds Censuses. ? Working as a resource person for wildlife and ecology in Centre for Environment & Social Concerns [CESC], Ahmedabad. INTERESTS Bird and Coral Taxonomy and identification, Population Analysis of Avian fauna, Herpetology, Conchology. Marine Invertebrates, Raptors etc. Study of reptiles and birds in captivity. First ever last mile connectivity solution/network designed and developed in Kutch for Rural Area Network using custom made antenna and wi-fi 802.11b spectrum.  Developed web based GIS system to disseminate NRM and Demographic data at village level. I was responsible for the database design, mapping and cartography, digitization, map conversion and system design.  Developed Customized Software for Times Series Atlas of Orissa State on GIS Platform.  For designing and developing wildlife habitat with the help of GIS and IT in Essar Oil Limited refinery site to help in creating active and field conservation environment in corporate sector.

Opens Source Software and their effective use in Enterprise.  Developing Web based GIS system for effective decision making process.  Better integration of GIS in day to day operations and management process.  Effective use of ICT4C (Information and Communication Technology for Conservation), Environment Niche Modelling  Designing and deploying Last Mile Network Connectivity solutions using various technologies including wireless communication.
Research Region 46, 48, 71
Skills/Expertise Skill Sets GIS  Offering GIS Technical solutions for Business support.  Excellent command over GIS integration with ERP as per client’s requirement.  Expertise on various software also many Open Source GIS Software to lower the TCO.  Delivering Client/server, Internet/Web and components based solutions.  Expertise in design & development of applications for diversified areas of Engineering, Environmental and Utilities sectors. Excellent command over Modeling eg. ENM, GARP etc.  Managing team of GIS analysts and Software Programmers by playing a prominent role to lead, co-ordinate and offer technical support.  Managing multiple projects from its inception through system study, architecture, documentation, execution, quality control, till the maintenance.  Ability to understand user domain knowledge, system study and simplifying the process leading to best solution  Expertise in Asset Management, GIS Decision support systems, Design & Analytical tools development, evaluation of offers for GIS platforms and other application softwares etc.  Geodatabase creation and maintenance. Multiple formats conversion/ transformation between various GIS software’s. Projection systems & co-ordinate conversions.  Development experience with various GIS software for desktop & web solutions.  Expertise in GIS Survey, GPS methodologies, mapping & data processing. Environment and Wildlife  Habitat conservation and restoration. Innovative ideas for better Environment and Wildlife Conservation.  Developing and deploying detailed project for avian and marine fauna monitoring programs.  Collecting and analyzing various data for preparing effective reports and action plans for conservation.  Use latest IT and other tools like GIS for wildlife research and conservation.  Possesses a very thorough broad knowledge about the broad issues of environment and conservation as well as those of development in general.  Master skills in Collation, collection and compilation of data from literature. Strong emphasis on Internet communications.  Experienced Wildlife Photographer and Cinematographer. 3  Comprehensive knowledge of best-practice biodiversity management techniques including adaptive management and enhancing community interest and involvement.  Capacity building: Technical assistance, on the job training and institution building for NGOs and development programs. Production of manuals and reports for management.  Sound knowledge of the role of local government, its structure and operation.  Ability to develop new policies, and monitor existing policy implementation to achieve organizational goals.  Ability to negotiate, establish and maintain partnerships of benefit to the organization.  Knowledge of relevant local government programs, policies and activities.
Comments For my personal introduction to say the least, I am a technocrat trying to find out easier and smart ways to get away from the ?technology world? for my pursuits in wildlife. It?s a passion and sheer poetry for my soul. I am most fascinated by the wonders of this natural world and every moment of my life is a walk in exploration. I never wait for any opportunity to happen but have always endeavored to create them when they were least possible. I wish that this CV helps to further unlock doors for me. Thank you.

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