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Details of Dr. Ersan Basar   


Gender male
Job title Assoc.Prof.
Department Maritime Transportation
Karadeniz Technical University Faculty of Marine Science ( KTU-FMS)
KTU Deniz Ulaştı rma İşletme Mühendisliği Bölümü Sürmene Trabzon 61600
KTU Faculty of Marine Sciences Surmene 61600 Trabzon
Tel + 90 532 4155294
Fax + 90 462 7464046
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Website http://www.ersanbasar.com
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Degree PhD
Job type Teaching/Education
Research Area(s) Pollution , Pollution
Research Activities Oil Spill modeling and simulation, Oil spill cleanup tecqnicues, Risk assesment and management. Seafarer Training.

Petrol dokulmesinde modeleme ve simulasyon. Denizde Petrol kirliliginin temizlenmesi. Risk tespiti ve risk yonetimi. Gemiadamlari egitimi
Research Region Turkish Starits - Istanbul Canakkale Starit and Marmara sea, Black sea Coast
Skills/Expertise Oil spill and risk assesment, Seafarer Training.
PUBLICATIONS (as reported by Dr. Ersan BASAR)

E, BAŞAR, [2010] Weathering and Oil Spill Simulationd in the Aftermath of Tanker Accidents at the Junction Points in the Marmara Sea, Fresenius Environmental Bulletin, 19(2), pp.260-265.
E, BAŞAR, [2010] Investigation into Marine Traffic and a Risky Area in the Turkish Straits System: Canakkale Strait, Transport, 25(1), pp.5-10.
E. KÖSE, E. BAÞAR, E. DEMÝRCÝ, A. GÜNEROÐLU, Þ. ERKABAY. Simulation of Marine Traffic in Ýstanbul Strait, Journal Simulation Modelling Practice and Theory, 11 (2003) 597-608. E. BAÞAR, E. KÖSE. Risk Assessment of Oil Tanker Unloading Point in the South-Eastern Black Sea-Trabzon Station, Proceedings of the International Conference on the Mediterranean Coastal Environment, MEDCOAST 03, 7-11 Oct. 2003, 1127-1136, Ravenna, Italy.
E. KOSE, E.BASAR. Risk Assessment of Turkish Straits, Assessment and Management of Environmental Risks, 373-378, Netherlands, 2001.
E, BAÞAR, E. KÖSE and A, GÜNEROÐLU, Finding Risky Areas for Oil Spillage after Tanker Accidents at Istanbul Strait, International Journal of Environmental and Pollution, (in Press). A, GÜNEROÐLU, E. KÖSE, C. ERÜZ, E, BAÞAR, , Þ. ERKABAY and F.Karsli, 2005, Use of Geographic Information System (GIS) to Select Fish Cage Farmýng Sites in Surmene Bay, Black Sea, The Israeli Journal of Aquaculture, 77(2), 2005, 81-89. E. BAÞAR and E. KÖSE, Due to The Heavy Marine Traffic And Associated Risk The Oil Spill Scenarios at Kandilli Which is The Narrowest Point in Ýstanbul Strait, 2005 International Oil Spill Conferance, Miami, USA, 15-19 May 2005. E. BAÞAR and E. KÖSE, Oil Spill Scenarios in the Aftermath of Tanker Accidents in the Risky Regions of the Bosphorous, Naval Architecture & Marine Technology, Vol: 162, Oct. 2004, 9-12.

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