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Details of Dr. George Robert Halliwell   


Gender male
Job title Oceanographer
Department Physical Oceanography Division
Tel 1-305-361-4346
Fax 1-305-361-4412
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Website http://www.aoml.noaa.gov/phod, http://www.aoml.noaa.gov
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Degree PhD
Job type Research
Research Area(s) Physical Oceanography , Physical Oceanography
Research Activities ocean model development ocean model studies of 1. ocean climate 2. ocean response to tropical cyclones 3. coastal ocean circulation
Research Region no restrictions
Skills/Expertise Ocean modeling
PUBLICATIONS (as reported by Dr. George HALLIWELL)

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Halliwell, G.R. [2004] Evaluation of vertical coordinate and vertical mixing algorithms in the HYbrid Coordinate Ocean Model (HYCOM). Ocean Modelling, 7, 285-322.
Chassignet, E.P., L.T. Smith, G.R. Halliwell, and R. Bleck [2003] North Atlantic simulation with the HYbrid Coordinate Ocean Model (HYCOM): Impact of the vertical coordinate choice, reference density, and thermobaricity. J. Phys. Oceanogr., 33, 2504-2526.
Halliwell, Jr., G.R., R.H. Weisberg, and D.A. Mayer [2003] A synthetic float analysis of upper-limb meridional overturning circulation interior ocean pathways in the tropical/subtropical atlantic. Interhemispheric Water Exchange in the Atlantic Ocean, P. Malanotte-Rizzoli and G. Goni, eds., Elsevier, 93-136.
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